In today’s article I’m going to share my personal notes from my weekly MINDstyle MAKEOVER Mentor Training Session. The information shared in each session I have acquired over my life’s journey as a Keynote Motivational Speaker, Storyteller, Author, and ACE Certified Health Coach that has aided my clients and countless audiences across the U.S. and West Indies.

***Disclaimer*** That being said, I am not a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Mental health counselor, nor a Pastor. Consult with your Doctor(s) first before considering applying any of the suggestions shared in this article.

I was very young about three or four years old when I experienced a level of awareness of my emotions. My Mother was an excellent teacher who used the Bible as the manual to teach me the difference between good and bad emotions. As I grew, I came to understand the detrimental impact my emotions can cause on my life if they are not kept in check. What I didn’t know at the time was how one’s emotions not only affects your quality of life such as your relationship with yourself and others, but they directly affect one’s physical health as well.

In fact, the Bible teaches on what types of emotions God gave us and the ones He did not give us, like in 2 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us the spirit of fear; but He gave us power,  love, and a sound mind (Peace).

The Bible also talks about what types of emotions are healthy for our physical bodies as well! Here’s a couple of them for you to check out…

  • “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed (depressed) spirit dries up the bones” Proverbs 17:22
  • A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed. Proverbs 15:13

In today’s article I am going to reveal to you…

✅ #1 The top 7 Deadly Emotions that’s destroying your health and ruining your life

✅ #2 How the F-Word Can Help Improve Your Health and Life

✅#3 The 3 simple steps you must take to help you heal and get back in control of your health and life story

Before I do, allow me to share a personal story with you about how the F-WORD helped me. Before you jump to conclusions, I encourage you to read through the entire story first, you may be quite surprised as to the results ; )

Here’s my Backstory…

I grew up in a Christian household where I was taught the Christian standard of living. I was raised by two very strong leaders, one that used love and patience in their parenting and the other who used brute force and intimidation. I actually find it a rare privilege to experience the  impact of both styles of leadership.

My True Desire…

On the surface, I like any normal child wanted to please both parents equally, Yet as strange as it may sound, deep down my true desire was I did not want to please my parents or anyone. I simply wanted to be like Jesus where I lead with love, patience, and frequently used the F-WORD towards everyone. Keep reading to find out what I mean… : )

The Wall…

The wall I hit was that one parent did not agree with all of Jesus’ teachings, like the one that says, “If your enemy strikes you on one cheek, turn and give him the other…” I decided to follow Jesus teaching and it led to my getting beat up pretty much everyday by boys,  I was told by this one parent, they weren’t raising weak children and if I didn’t handle the bullies then I was to be handled by this one parent. Well, fear overcame me and I started to “handle” the bullies to keep from getting beat by this one parent. I began to hate myself for behaving opposite of who I truly wanted to be, which was love.

Well, it wasn’t long before I became known as the bully that most everyone feared.. The worst part was that I started  to believe the LIE that I was a bully! As you may know, bullies are humans who are full of fear, insecure, overly sensitive, and in need of more love than what they themselves believe they are worthy of. From nine years old I started to embody  the bully others thought I was and continued to live in that “hardened shell” for most of my life.

My Light Bulb Moment 

My light bulb moment came many years later when I ended up having to go see a doctor due to a fainting spell I had while attempting to run some training drills for the Internship I was in at Fort McPherson Base.


The doctor concluded that if my body had not fainted those three times and instead tried to pushed through to complete those drills my heart would have exploded and I would be dead. It was his question that followed after that caused the light bulb to go off in my head, “Tabitha all of your other vital organs are in excellent condition, except your heart is swollen. I’m going to ask you an unorthodox question, please don’t get upset; but are you upset with anyone by chance? I was caught off guard by the question and was honestly embarrassed as I had never had anyone I didn’t know present such a direct personal question like that. I quickly retorted back with a lie and said, “No I am not upset with anyone. I get along with everyone. I love everybody.” The truth was I was upset and had been angry with someone very close to me since I was six years old. Yet I did not know (as an Exercise Science Major)  till this moment that I came breaths away from having a heart attack at 21 years old due to the suppressed emotion of anger?!

The Plan

My plan was to follow doctor’s orders of stopping all vigorous exercise, instead go for slow walks on flat surfaces, cut down on my very busy work and school schedule, rid my home of all substances that would further weaken my heart.

The Conflict

The conflict in following the doctor’s orders was that I was addicted to exercise. Yes exercise was my drug of choice to help me cope with life. The pain of exercise became the perfect distraction from dealing with the pain I felt deep down inside. I was afraid of giving it up not knowing if I would be able to cope without it.

The Achievement

Over the next six years of my life I struggled with trying to find a balanced exercise regimen that wouldn’t harm my heart health. All the while as a ACE Certified Health Coach I was helping many other individuals get back in control of their health stories, get off medication, lose weight, and reverse diseases etc. The miracle for my own health finally happened in the fall of 2013 when I started to coach a lady by the name of Julieann Hartman. She insisted on wanting to know my story, a story I swore never to talk about. The little bit I shared floored her as she says, “So you should be dead…dead.” I silently nodded my head yes. To which she asks, “How many more people will die or be killed because you refuse to share your story?” She went on to encourage me to go on slow walks with no music, no cell phone, and just get quiet. She also encouraged me to start writing my story and use the F-word towards the persons in my life I held anger towards.

My AMAZING HEALTH Transformation

I started going on those walks, started writing my story, and eventually started using the F-WORD towards the people I held anger towards. Today I no longer gasp or cringe when using the F-word. In fact I use it every day. It was being willing to apply the power of the F-word that helped to free from the heavyweight of the 7 deadly emotions that nearly destroyed my health and my life.

  • Today I can now exercise without becoming exhausted or feeling intense pain in my chest and stomach as I once used to.
  • I used to get sick three to four times a year with a fever or flu, it’s now been over two years since I’ve gotten even a common cold.
  • I use to have trouble sleeping. I couldn’t seem to get more than maybe three to four hours of undisturbed sleep. Today I can easily sleep an average of six to seven hours and feel FULLY rested the next day!
  • I used to have eight day long periods with intense pains that had me taking five to six painkillers for at least five days straight! Today I have three to five days of my menstrual cycle and only take a total of 4 pain killers for one day!
  • I used to fall asleep at the wheel of the car after just twenty minutes of driving. Well in 2016, three short years after using the F-WORD in my life I was able to drive across the country from California to Florida by MYSELF! I drove an average of eight to twelve hours straight without stopping (except to use the bathroom)!

Today my health, my life, and relationships with God, myself, and others are more meaningful, honest, and healthy!  The F-WORD played a HUGE part in my transformation!

…and I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now that the F-WORD I’m talking about here is FORGIVENESS.

Now it’s time for me to reveal the top 7 Deadly emotions that’s destroying your heath and ruining your life. They are the following:

  1. Anger
  2. Jealousy
  3. Hate
  4. Guilt
  5. Condemnation
  6. Bitterness
  7. Fear

These 7 deadly emotions are what causes…

  1. Depression
  2. Low Self-Esteem
  3. Self-Doubt
  4. Self-Hate
  5. Hopelessness

If these deadly emotions and their causes are not dealt with it can lead to mental health disorders and even suicidal tendencies.

All of what’s listed above produces the silent killer aka STRESS in your body. The longer one holds onto those deadly emotions the more dangerous it becomes for one’s health. You can learn more about the damages chronic stress causes via the links embedded in the footnotes of this article

Now, before I tell you how the F-Word Can Help Improve Your Health and Life you first have to understand what it is.

What is the TRUE definition of forgiveness vs what it is not…

Let’s first discuss What Forgiveness is NOT.   Reverend Steve Cornell defines forgiveness as Surrendering the desire for revenge towards someone who wronged you.

That definition kept me and most people in bondage to our hurts and focusing on the other person who caused the hurt. Which I later found out is not the result forgiveness produces because that is NOT what forgiveness is even about.

Here’s what Forgiveness IS based on the Biblical scripture of Romans 13: 8 , 10. It reads,

Vs. 8 Owe no man anything, but to love one another, for he that loves another has fulfilled the law. 10 Love works no ill to his neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

Now that definition in Romans 13: 8 and 10 says NOTHING about surrendering revenge or the wrong the other person caused you. It solely focuses on  freeing YOU to the power and freedom of love. And in love there is POWER and PEACE, there is no fear. Therefore, the result of forgiveness is to produce POWER, LOVE, and PEACE within your mind and your life!

Here are 3 BONUSES of What The Power of the F-WORD allows you to have…

  • BONUS #1: It allows you to take on the mindset of Jesus Christ which is freedom and stress free living. No one owes you anything and you owe no one anything but to love.
  • BONUS #2: The power of the F-WORD (FORGIVENESS) doesn’t focus on the wrong the other person has done. It solely focuses on who you must become to be FREE from the bondage of the deadly emotions that will destroy your health and life.
  • BONUS #3: It dismantles the power you gave to the other person by withholding forgiveness and elevates you above the hurt to be empowered and free!

I don’t know about you, but after learning the immense power of the F-WORD AKA  FORGIVENESS, I became more than ready to apply it to my life! …And it’s easier to do that you may think!

How to Forgive, Heal, and Be Free in three steps…

Having spent most of my life harboring the 7 deadly emotions and nearly losing my life at 21 years old because of it, I wanted to learn more than ever how to get back in control of my Health and improve the quality of my life.

As I shared with you earlier, my health and life has had a total transformation since applying the power of forgiveness!

It happened by simply following these three steps:

  1. Rebuild a Healthy Self-Image
  2. Forgiving yourself
  3. Forgiving the person(s) who hurt you

Transparency Moment…

Now I must admit it was not easy at first to forgive myself or those who hurt me until my youngest brother sent me a clip of a sermon that changed my life forever! If you keep reading till the end I have a special FREE GIFT to give you that’ll help you tremendously!  

After I listened to that sermon countless times it became evident to me the immense power I was withholding from myself to be healed and set free. Once I got on the path of healing and freedom I thought it would be beneficial to create a special guide in the form of a journal for others who may struggle with the power of the forgiveness.

30 Day Healing Journal Guide to Forgiveness

If you struggle with forgiving yourself and others my HER 30 Day Healing Journal and the HIS 30 Day Healing Journal provides a simple and effective step by step guide with uplifting quotes and daily mind shifting exercises that will walk you through the three steps of forgiveness to get you on the path of healing. To Order your copy of the 30 DAY HEALING JOURNAL, go to or click the respected links below —> Click here to Order the HER 30 DAY Healing Journal   Click here to Order the HIS 30 DAY Healing Journal

Remarkable-People-Podcast-RPP-S1-E2-Tabitha-Christopher-HER 30 healing Remarkable-People-Podcast-RPP-S1-E2-Tabitha-Christopher-HIS 30 healing

Since you read this far, I have a special FREE GIFT for you!

Because you read this far I know you are very serious about wanting a change in your life. Scroll to the very bottom NOW and under the section marked FREEBIES get access to the link of the sermon that changed my life forever!

Did you know keeping Secrets is also dangerous for your health?

Do you have a Secret you don’t want anyone to know of…?

Often times the decline in health we’re experiencing are from secrets we’re too afraid to bring to the light. Suppressing those secrets can eventually destroy your mental, emotional, and physical health.

In my upcoming book SECRETS, The Book of Destiny it shares my true story of secrets I’ve kept of physical and verbal abuse, sickness,  addictions, and much more and how I overcame them all! Here’s what you can expect from reading SECRETS The Book of Destiny:

  1. Debunk the myths about family secrets being taboo and reveal the truth behind why it’s important to forgive…
  2. Expose the plot of darkness that‘s working to destroy you and your family and what you must do to not succumb to it.
  3. Lastly, it will Reveal the 7 Secret Keys that will help you successfully overcome any obstacle and fulfill your God-given destiny.

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