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Three Simple Ways To Increase Business Sales

Depending on your industry, running a business over the last couple of years would have been pretty hard. COVID, and the economic fallout from COVID has unfortunately driven a lot of business to the brink of collapse. Indeed, some have gone bankrupt or had to let go of staff. However, no matter the stress of running a business so many have survived and are looking for new and innovative ways to increase business income to hedge against current and future threats to their longevity. Here are some top tips to increase your business income streams. You might have considered some before, but they’ll at least shift your perspective to one which seeks out opportunity.


Take A View Of Your Payment Options

It might not be that you need to offer more products or services. Instead, it might be that you accept more varied payment methods for the stuff you already offer. Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular all of the time and has been tipped as the next payment method due to news items like the Bitcoin market cap increasing every so often as well as the anonymity crypto provides. You can also consider offering a pay monthly payment plan. This really works well when your customers are spending a lot of money, especially on big ticket items. The infrastructure for this exists already in the form of companies like Klarna, who can manage this for you. Offer a wider acceptance of payment methods and you’ll appeal to more customers.

Reviews are pretty huge. They completely instill the buyer with the confidence needed to part with their cash. Think about it, when you buy a product on Amazon, or pretty much anywhere online, you’ll look for a review in the first instance. If you don’t have them, you need to find a way to garner reviews as often as possible. This will increase your money by making more sales. It really is as easy as that. The key question is how. It’s pretty hard to compel a review. Sometimes, if your product is amazing, it’ll happen naturally. Otherwise, think about a card or paper insert you can use to pop into the product to ask for a review. An email follow up can also work. So long as you’re polite and professional, your reviews should start ticking up and coming in and you’ll see sales increase in line with it.


Offer Your Product To Other Sellers

Sometimes, you can make some extra cash by offering your product wholesale to other sellers. It’s certainly a lucrative way to earn more money, but you have to watch your profit margins to succeed with it. For example, there are a lot of subscription box services around these days…if you can offer your product in one of the boxes, then that’s going to be a chunk of extra sales as well as brand recognition. If you’re struggling to shift products this can certainly work in the short term. There are a lot of sellers out there whose platform you can utilize, whether that be a dropship website or an actual online store. Reach out to the owner and go from there.


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