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Manufacturing Industry Re-Focuses Its Efforts

There are many industries that are slow to change. One of them is the manufacturing industry. It’s slow to bend to any trends because manufacturing is so expensive it would rather wait and see if certain trends stick around before implementing them. It’s always costly to refocus efforts in another direction. However, it is vital that every industry re-evaluates its aims every now and again to maintain focus on the bigger picture. These are some of the ways this is happening.


Employee safety

A renewed focus has been placed on employee safety. One of the major reasons is because manufacturing is one of the industries that rely on human contact. Due to the pandemic, this has meant that a lot of impeding laws have been placed onto manufacturing businesses to comply with health and safety needs. To bring employees back to the manufacturing plant, companies need to show that their work environment is safe. It must be safe not just in terms of the virus, but also in its practices. Clearer training, better on-site medical facilities and much better protective equipment are needed to satisfy modern legislation. Manufacturers must also closely watch who enters and leaves their premises; i.e. better security with the safety of employees in mind.

Manufacturing Industry: From B2B to B2C

In more recent times, there has been a lot of focus on supporting B2B clients instead of the customer. Manufacturing brands believed that they had no responsibility to design products for customers alone as it was their clients who had to worry about that. However, a change in manufacturing toward B2C means a lot of important things.

  • Profits will increase. If a product is made with the retail price in mind right from the beginning, it will be more affordable for the customer and cheaper to make. 
  • Because products are therefore designed to be more affordable, they instantly become easier and quicker to distribute. So a faster time-to-market (TTM) approach becomes available.
  • Manufacturing brands can also save on raw material costs. If they are making products with the MSRP in mind from the beginning, and not relying on marketing or competitive pricing to sell their products alone, they can order less material overall. 


More efficiency

In this modern world of customer awareness, going greener is vital to your brand. Even if you do require older forms of energy such as crude, you should still try to utilize refined, cleaner and greener-made fuels such as gas oil. It’s available in 20-L boxes, 200-L barrels and 1000-L IBCs. This is the fuel that is required to power your large machinery which is almost always going to be not one of the more efficient equipment types you use. Whether you need to power cranes, cargo ships, or generators for emergency power, this type of conventional green fuel is a must.


Manufacturing Industry Wrap-up

Manufacturing has rightly focused more on the health and safety of employees. However, it must also become more efficient and instead of being biased toward B2B relationships, focus more on B2C. 


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