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Keeping Your Business Safe After the Pandemic

While the Covid-19 virus is still at large, many countries are beginning to see a decline in cases thanks to the multiple vaccines now being administered in the millions to frontline workers and the vulnerable but keeping your business safe after the pandemic is over should still be a priority.

While each establishment is different there are some simple but effective strategies that can be universally deployed, such as:

  • Physical restructuring
  • Social distancing policies
  • Regular cleaning

It might be necessary to change the layout of an office or establishment while social distancing measures should continue to be enforced for some time and regular cleaning of everything is essential.


You Sit There, I’ll Sit Here

In places where people are usually working in close proximity, it might be a good idea to plan out a new working environment such as in an office, store, or restaurant/pub. It is no longer viable to allow customers or employees to be huddled together when working while the virus is still in effect.

With social distancing guidelines in mind, it might be best to reorganize seating areas and desks so that they are spaced apart as well as dining tables that accommodate no more than two people. A storefront that deals with customers might benefit from rearranging the queuing system and spacing cash registers apart as well.

You might want to hold a company event (https://www.mtievents.com/event-and-meeting-services/kc-destination-management-company/) to boost morale or get everyone back up to speed, and the events agency should work with you on how to appropriately manage the proximity of attendees.


6 Feet Please

Although your business might return to a functioning state it would be best to enforce social distancing policies for the foreseeable future until such time your local government advises that it is safe to go back to normal. However, even then, to combat other illnesses among employees and customers such as flu and common cold or prevent another pandemic with another virus, the 6 foot rule is still a viable option and might be around forever.

A distance of 6 feet (2 meters) is advised because extensive research into transmissible viruses has shown that in almost all cases, any droplets containing a virus that is contracted via a sneeze, cough, or speaking, rarely travel more than 2 meters in the distance when expelled. Some countries enforce a 3-meter rule just to be safe. 


Bish, Bash, Bosh It

This may sound obvious but great care should be taken to clean and sanitize everything as often as possible. There are Covid-19 killing products now available from established cleaning product manufacturers that can be used for such things as desks, keyboards, mice, cash registers, tables, and chairs.

Employees should also be advised to continue washing their hands as often as possible for at least 20-seconds under warm or hot running water with at least a good soap or antibacterial handwash.

Staying afloat during the pandemic will require employees so it may also be a good idea to provide regular testing kits among staff and encourage them to schedule a vaccination as soon as they are able should they believe that they will benefit from it.


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