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Making Cash During COVID-19

It’s important to be sensible with your finances during the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much uncertainty surrounding us every day, there is no guessing as to what could be right around the corner. With global economies likely to fall into a recession when the worst of the restrictions are over, there is plenty to be concerned about. However, we have also learned a lot throughout the last year about how best to make money and taking advantage of these unprecedented times. Here’s 3 Things We’ve Learned About Making Cash During COVID-19. Enjoy!


1. Trading Cryptocurrency Isn’t As Scary As We Thought

No, really! You needn’t be a Wall Street banker to make cash through stocks and shares anymore. There is a multitude of easy-to-use, online trading platforms, most of which support an official Bitcoin exchange while also promoting other popular, growing cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin. 

If you have the spare time thanks to a reduced commute and working from home, then why not read into the latest stock market and cryptocurrency trends? You could be sitting on an absolute gold mine. Remember, there are always financial risks when it comes to trading. However, the bigger the risk, the far greater the reward. Even just a small investment could really pay dividends.


2. Social Media Management Seriously Pays

With all of us now spending so much time online – particularly social media – digital channels are becoming even more targeted by some of the world’s biggest and well-known brands. However, for smaller businesses, good social media management can help them cut through some of the digital noise and reach their target markets. 

If you are savvy on social media, then it could seriously pay to offer your skills to small businesses on a freelance basis to earn some extra cash. Most millennials and Gen-Z are blessed in having been brought up in a digital age. With so much time on our hands and many workers left furloughed, this could prove a real money-spinner?


3. Streaming Video Games Online Earns Cash

While content creators would have traditionally flocked to YouTube for its ad revenue and extensive user base, nowadays, YouTubers have turned to streaming sites such as Twitch to earn their cash. 

With COVID-19 giving us a bit more free time, why not give streaming ago and play one of your favorite online video games such as Fortnite or FIFA to build up a following doing something you love, earning cash at the same time? There is plenty of ad revenue and brand partnerships to secure. Plus you will get to meet like-minded people and become part of a tight-knit yet global community. 


In summary, COVID-19 – as bad as it has been – has generated a rate of digital acceleration that we could never previously conceived. This has been extremely beneficial for the most entrepreneurial of us, who have taken the additional free-time the pandemic has provided us, and used it productively in order to generate additional income. This article has outlined only three of the multitude of money-spinning ventures you could go into during COVID. So, why not give them a go?


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