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3 Key Elements To Check When Deciding On A Country To Retire In

Have you ever dreamed of moving halfway across the world to live somewhere with beautiful weather, an easy going lifestyle, and an incredibly low cost of living? Well, that dream can easily become a reality if you decide to retire abroad. Plenty of people enjoy a much better quality of life in their old age because they move to a different country where their money goes further and the pace of life suits them much better. If you are planning your retirement right now, you should definitely consider the idea of retiring abroad. The question is, where do you go? 

There are a lot of different factors you need to weigh up when making your decision because it’s not just about good weather. These are some of the main things to consider when deciding which country to retire in. 


Attitude Towards Retirees 

The attitude that the country takes towards retirees is important to consider because some countries are very welcoming while others make it more difficult. For example, if you retire in mauritius, there is a legal framework for people over 50 to apply to move there and it’s relatively easy to apply for full citizenship once you have been living there for three years. However, other countries don’t have this framework in place and may charge higher taxes to retirees from abroad because they want to discourage you from going. So, take a look at the process of retiring in different countries and find ones that have a welcoming attitude. These countries are also more likely to have a strong expat community, so you will still be able to interact with a lot of people from back home. 


The Cost Of Living 

Reduced cost of living is one of the main reasons that people decide to retire abroad in the first place. It’s important that you manage your finances well so you can maintain your lifestyle without running out of money, and that’s much easier in a cheap country. You should research the average cost of housing and utility bills as well as groceries and entertainment. Then, create a general budget to get an idea of what kind of lifestyle you could realistically maintain. 



Safety is another key factor to think about and it covers a broad range of things. Firstly, check things like the local crime rate in different areas so you can see how safe it is and which areas are best to move to. You also need to find out about the healthcare system and what kind of treatment facilities are available should you fall ill or get injured. People often forget to check the political situation too, but this can have a big impact on safety. If you move to a country that is very unstable, there is an increased risk of dangerous conflict, so look for countries with a stable, democratic political system

As long as you check these three key elements, you can find the perfect country to retire to. 


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