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Polish-Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Warns America: “Now Is the Time to Stand!”

This is a real problem in Canada, other countries, and soon the United States of America if we don’t clean up the Marxist in Congress and the White House.

The threat is real. The time is now. We must act!

Here’s a message from one of my Canadian friends that I received this week. This person has no association that I know of with Artur Pawlowski, but is experiencing the same terror and considering moving out of his life-long home of Canada.

Hope you are doing well. I’m writing to ask that you pray for us: Things in Canada are pretty insane. Canada is pursuing vaccine passports and requiring proof of vaccination in order to travel. They are even pushing kids as young as 12 to get vaccinated – without parental consent. Canadians, generally speaking, are so naive about what is going on it’s mind boggling. To date, three pastors have been arrested for simply refusing to close their churches. There have been links to the Wuhan Lab in China with a lab here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Two Chinese spies were arrested, but you hear nothing about this in mainstream media. And, in Manitoba, if you’re not vaccinated you can’t eat inside a restaurant. The federal government and several provinces are talking about fall lockdowns – and Canadians, by and large, are applauding it. I really don’t recognize this country anymore, things have changed so rapidly. We read that unvaccinated visitors aren’t going to be allowed into Canada. My wife’s parents had talked about coming up to visit. Even if they do, they’d have to quarantine for two weeks. I’m not sure what that will look like now. My wife and I are exploring the idea of moving to the US. … I have been discouraged at the worst of times, but I also know God is in complete control and I want to act on His direction, not on my fear. We’re taking active steps to look at moving. I’m finding it hard to find reasons to stay. Pray for us, I need wisdom. I know this is long, but I wanted to share what we’re thinking with you.

Please WATCH THIS VIDEO, sincerely think about what is happening in our world, and realize this is an American problem too. We are days away from this escalating in America, and all over the world. We need to take action now!



Copy from The New American YouTube Site:

Amidst the extreme COVID-19 tyranny in Canada, Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Calgary went viral when on Easter Sunday he drove out the police and health officials from his church, ordering them to, “GET OUT, GESTAPO!” Pawlowski grew up under the horrors of Stalinism in communist Poland. In his adopted Canada, he has been arrested, jailed, and found guilty of contempt of court for violating public health orders. His testimony is encouraging Americans to wake up and stand against government overreach, and if they don’t, they will lose the church to state control. To watch the full viral video, click here: https://youtu.be/K-CptNNGpag To hear Artur’s side of the story, click here: https://bit.ly/ArtursStory


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