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My Sheraton New Orleans and Corporate Customer Service Experience

*****WARNING***** Funny story at my expense. Illustrates the socially illiterate, “I don’t care” attitude, and lack of customer service and personal pride plaguing our nation. Enjoy! 😉

Sheraton New Orleans and Corporate Office, 301.380.3000. One of the worst customer service and accounting departments I have EVER dealt with. I’ll make a video later for your entertainment when I calm down, but here’s the summary.
Stayed at the hotel in mid-August and they not only overcharged me, but double charged me. After multiple calls and emails to their team with the GM denying they charged me (even though I sent them screenshots of my credit card statement with their info on it), the front desk clerk (not the GM) found the charge and told me she’d have the accounting department refund me in 7-10 business days. While I thought that was excessive, no problem. We’re all busy, right?
Since then I have yet to see the refund, put in multiple calls and emails, opened two cases with corporate, and then TODAY, Laurie the supervisor at the corporate customer service number above just hung up on me. You know why? Because she is illiterate and uninformed.
After her giving me the same BS run around I’ve got for 8 weeks (Basically, “Yep, we owe you money and the accounting department will eventually refund it), told her nicely if I didn’t get the refund today, I was going to call my credit card company and file a dispute, contact the BBB and file a formal complaint, and the Attorney General’s office for the State of LA.

Sheraton New Orleans Representative Response?

She immediately cut me off, had a demeaning tone in her voice, and said that because I threatened her with a “lawyer” she could no longer speak with me. What?!
I said I never mentioned a lawyer and when I was trying to understand and ask her what she was talking about, she kept over-speaking me and and was super rude. Then, when I figured out she was referring to the “Attorney General” as a lawyer, I TRIED explaining to her that the Attorney Generals office is a division of state government used in situations like this to protect the people.
She is so ignorant, illiterate, and apparently working in a corporate culture so uncaring, that she not only didn’t know what the Attorney General was, but she would not listen to me. Then, when I told her to go back and listen to the recording of this conversation for verification of what i was saying, she hung up on me. 😳😡
Will make a funny video later so you can see the sad humor in this, but for now I’m venting. They have already cost me so much money in time (far more than the original charge even) that I am committed to seeing this through and letting people know.

With so many great hotels and properties out there, why stay at one who will treat you badly?

Hope this helps save you headaches my friend!

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