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Is Now The Right Time To Update Your Website?

How to Increase Online Traffic & Converting More Sales

If you’re a business owner, your website will be very important to you. It acts as the virtual face of your business, and in many ways, it is your ultimate marketing tool. But from time to time you have to ask yourself one question:

Do I need to update my website?

There are occasions when you should, be that on your own, with your in-house tech team, or with the services of a web design professional.

So, what occasions are we talking about? Well, consider the following. If anything we say applies to your website, now might be a good time to make a few changes.


#1: Your website is outdated

Your website may have been acceptable once upon a time but times change. And trends change too, which is why your website might look a little outdated now. 


What do we mean by outdated?

Well, if it still uses flash animation, isn’t responsive on mobile devices, has no contemporary features, and has pages that return 404 errors, then these are all signs that your website is outdated. 


Does it matter if your website is outdated?

Yes, of course. Not only will users have problems with the functionality of your site, but they will also associate the state of your state with the quality of your work. If your website isn’t keeping up with the times they might assume your business is behind the times as well.

Take a look at modern web design examples online, learn from the best, and make changes where necessary.


#2: Your bounce rate is high

The bounce rate is the term used to represent the percentage of web users who visit your site and then leave before viewing any other pages. The higher the bounce rate the bigger your problems are because people clearly aren’t getting the best experience from your website.


Why would people leave your site?

Well, one reason could be because it isn’t optimized for mobile. Many people use their smart devices to go online these days so if your website opens incorrectly, they aren’t going to stick around for very long. 

An outdated design, broken links, slow loading times, and irrelevance are just some of the other reasons for a high bounce rate. 


What can you do about it?

Well, you need to measure and assess your bounce rate first. Follow the advice in the linked article. You then need to make the appropriate changes to your site. 

These changes might be obvious but if not, you should try to get feedback from your site visitors. You can do this with a form on your website, and you can also do this by contacting them directly. This latter option might seem impossible if visitors bounce before leaving their details, but there are ways to find out who your visitors are. If your primary focus is B2B sales, for example, you might use a reverse DNS lookup or use the network report from Google Analytics to find out which companies have visited your site. 

When you understand why your bounce rate is high you can then make the relevant changes to your website.


#3: Your website isn’t ranking highly on Google


If your website isn’t ranking highly on Google, you have to ask yourself why. It might be because your content isn’t targeting the right keywords or it could be because your competitors have done more to optimize their sites for SEO. Here are some other reasons why your website might not be ranking well

If your website isn’t ranking highly, changes will have to be made. This is important as people rarely venture beyond the first page of Google when looking for the businesses they need. 

Your competitors will outrank you in sales as well as outrank you on Google if you don’t update your website, so don’t be complacent. There are some suggestions as to how you might make changes in the previously linked article. 

This beginner’s guide to SEO might also be helpful to you. Have a read and then make the necessary changes yourself or use the services of a website/SEO professional.



Your website could damage your business potential if there are any pressing problems so do what you can to rectify any issues. By doing so, people will stay on your site for longer, place more trust in your business, and help you rank higher on Google.

So, consider the suggestions we have made here. Then continue your research online and around our site as there could be other issues with your website that could necessitate an update or overall makeover. 


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