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Good things happen to those who hustle!

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“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs


In 1975, inspired and excited by what they learned at a computer club, two guys built their own desktop computer out of Atari parts.

They showed it to the boss of Atari to see if he might want to invest.

He said, “No, thanks.”

Undeterred, they sold their two most precious possessions: a VW van, and an HP calculator so they could have the seed capital to start their own company.

As the story goes…

When they launched their first product, they made 50 sales…then a hundred…then two hundred. 

Then they made a new and improved model and called it…

The Apple II.

If he were still around today, Steve Jobs would be worth an eye-watering $23 billion. 

And the people who bought those first Apples?

In 2020, an Apple I was listed on eBay for US$1,750,000.

The moral of the story? If something inspires and excites you, follow that lead!


“Good things happen to those who hustle.”- Anaïs Nin


In 2012, two young women working at a major US news broadcaster saw a niche opportunity to deliver curated news lists to subscribers.

When they pitched the idea, no one at the news agency was interested. So, they quit their jobs, pooled their resources and got to work delivering the news their own way.

Valued at $55 million, The Skimm’s 7 million+ active subscribers, including Oprah and Hilary Clinton tells a story… 

If you see a niche opportunity for a side hustle, grab onto it with both hands!


“There is no downside to a side hustle.” – Forbes


It started with an email sent to 12 friends in 1995.

A newly arrived guy in San Francisco noticed people using the early Internet to help each other make their lives better, so he curated upcoming local events and emailed the list out to friends.

They loved it and shared the ‘list’ with their friends. Word of mouth spread, and people began using the ‘list’ to post their own ads for jobs, cars, apartments, and dates.

Today, this classifieds site is worth more than $3 billion.

All because a guy named Craig liked to make lists.

The takeaway? Doing what you love can make other people’s lives better, and enrich yours exponentially!

Every day, more and more people just like you and me are choosing to do what they love and earning a hefty side income from it. 

The trick is knowing just how to get your side hustle going and make it profitable (with as little time and money invested as possible)!

But, maybe you are thinking…

👀  It can cost too much time / money…(not if you know what you are doing! In fact with step-by-step guidance from those who’ve succeeded, it can take very little time and no money at all!)

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💼 There can be contracts…(includes a lawyer-approved contract template to build long-term relationships and ensure you get paid on time!)

😉 A good side hustle needs organizational tools and that sounds expensive…(You’ll have access to all the tools you need to organize your business in a painless, flexible, and fun way for maximum productivity, impact, and income.)

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6 Reasons to unlock your side hustle today! 

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😎 Become your own boss & choose the hours you work

🌿 Work wherever you want: the beach, the slopes, a cabin in the woods

🎁 Provide extra luxuries for yourself and your family


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