““Dave, this is incredible! Bo and I are seriously thrilled (with the Sales & Marketing Video Guide). Thank you!” — Christian Helms

“I love this guy and podcast! David changed my life forever with some of the questions asked and the perspectives given and gained.” 🙂 – Jerremy Newsome

“A 5-star value, service, and organization for sure! The fresh perspective and ideas Ascend brought to the table were so powerful and easy to apply, yet they never crossed our minds, or the minds of other agencies we’ve worked with (and paid) for years.” — Barry Lintner

“Do what you love.” How many times have you heard that phrase and ideology? If you only had a nickle, right? 😉

Well, I’m here to tell you that at 43, I’m finally starting to figure out and enjoy what I love “full time”. Here’s how my day went so far today, and it’s not even over yet! More importantly, how you may be able to do this too very soon! (and that’s no sales and marketing hype. keep reading. opportunity is knocking right now at your door with all this global craziness going on!😜)


Woke up, got ready for the day, jumped on a call with a friend and business contact in America Samoa, worked a bit on client projects, recorded a podcast with a Remarkable guest out of Texas, spoke with a fantastic client in Pensacola, Face-timed with a future guest of the podcast in South Africa, received a call from a dear friend in Colorado regarding some strategic marketing consulting we’re brainstorming to help their ministry grow, immediately hoped on a call with a mega talented friend in Canada who’s designing the Remarkable People Podcast Season 2 artwork, and just got off the phone with another friend and client that is so much fun to work with and an inspiration to me. Now I’m taking a guilt-free break, smoking a nice celebratory cigar outside, and typing this post. Tonight, Lord willing (since we’re not guaranteed another breath), will be spent enjoying life with family and friends. So what vehicle did God use to enable this in my life? THE INTERNET.

Right now many people all over the world are “stuck” at home. NO! Right now you and I are home and have the opportunity to DO what we love!! 🤩 I love God and helping people grow (both personally and professionally) hence the Remarkable People Podcast and Ascend (my company). Through the internet and the podcast I can literally reach, interact with, and truly connect with people all over the world. AND YOU CAN TOO! 😇

Right now (TODAY) is the best time to start doing what you love and getting paid for it through the internet! DO IT!! Stop thinking and start DO’ing!!!

We all have the same amount of time in the day, it’s how we invest it that makes the difference. So if you have been thinking about a career change, a new business online, or launching a podcast about something you LOVE, give me a call!

Here’s a link to a free 15-minute call to help you get started and figure out what the next step, or maybe the first step is in doing what you really love from anywhere in the world as love as you can connect online: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php…

Also, something I’m really passionate about is podcasting! What a fun and rewarding way to connect with people all over the world with similar interests as you and help people grow!

If you’d like to learn more about podcasting, or are serious about launching your own podcast, use that same link and let’s talk. I’d love to help you get started! While I’m no Joe Rogan or Tim Ferriss, we’ve been blessed and fortunate to learn a TON about podcasting over the last several months, reached people in over 48 countries, been ranked as high as #90 in the personal development category out of almost 900k active podcasts, and are launching a start-to-finish “how to” podcast class this May. While more details will be coming about that soon, let’s not wait and start now while the opportunity is here! The first call is free. Then, if you think a relationship between us is the right fit and I can help you launch your podcast, let’s do it! 💪

No matter what you decide after reading this post, I urge you not to think anymore, but start DO’ing what you’re passionate about and transitioning from your day job to your dream life! Whether you work with me or someone else, I hope this post inspired you to stop thinking and start DO’ing. Also, if you read this entire post we already know three important things about you. 1. You have the focus. 2. You have some time. And 3. You’re not a quitter! 🥰

So use this link, set up the call, and if nothing else, I’ll do my best to help you for a few minutes to get some clarity on your vision and what the next step is in achieving it! https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php…

Helping You Ascend,
David Pasqualone