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4 Ways To Improve Quality Control For Your Business

What is quality control?

Quality control refers to a procedure that companies use to ensure that their product quality is improved or maintained. The process requires the company to achieve an environment where employees and management work towards perfection. Quality control can be achieved by setting quality benchmarks, the right training, and testing your products. It’s essential to define your quality standards and determine how you will react to quality issues. One of the main aspects involves testing to ensure the correct standards for your final products.

While these manufacturing standards generally define quality control, it’s relevant to various types of business, whether selling services or products. It’s about maintaining high-quality standards, in everything you do, to ensure ongoing success.


1. Determine operational procedures for quality 

To achieve high quality, your business must focus on well-designed procedures. The more that you gear your operational procedures toward quality, more likely you’ll succeed. When you design your processes, be sure to include clear quality benchmarks. These benchmarks will depend on which kind of company you are running. 

A manufacturing company might put benchmarks in place that determine the ‘order to delivery’ times. A restaurant business might use benchmarks for customer waiting times or food prep procedures. A marketing business could set quality benchmarks for their live webinars, to retain credibility. Whatever your benchmarks may be, it’s important to put clear standards in place.


2. Screen your suppliers

To retain and improve quality, it’s essential to find the right suppliers. You’ll want to ensure that your suppliers are offering the best materials and products, with the most reasonable lead times, at appropriate prices. When you’re looking for suppliers, you may like to try using a Supplier Information Management System. These are a type of supplier database which offers detailed info on a range of different suppliers. A SIM can help your business to reduce risk, achieve compliance, and strive for quality. Whether you’re looking to source Thermosetting plastics or butterfly valves, it’s essential to maintain high standards, to improve your manufacturing processes.


3. The right software tools

To improve quality control for your business, several platforms can help. One example is Intelex; it’s a type of quality management software. By using Intelex, you can ensure that you are achieving high-quality services and products. The software can help you to meet the correct compliance requirements within your field. Intelex was designed to help companies strive for continuous improvement, and access valuable insights. Features of Intelex include audit management, document control, complaint management and product inspections.


4. Engage employees

As previously mentioned, quality control relies on testing your products and services to maintain high standards. However, when it comes to quality, testing isn’t the only important issue. It’s also essential to engage all staff, ensuring that they strive for excellent standards and high levels of productivity. Provide your staff with great training opportunities; use employee engagement software; and work on improving your company culture. All of these areas can help you to improve your engagement. When you invest more time in your employees, you’ll improve employee retention and quality standards.


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