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Season 2 Finale | What’s Next, Wrap-up Reel, and Thank You! 



So what happens when God brings together 19 friends from all over the world to share their stories? Welcome to The Remarkable People Podcast Season 2! 🤗 

19 Remarkable stories, dozens of key life lessons shared (both personal and professional), and over 1,800 minutes of evergreen content for you to grow with and enjoy for free! 😃

Check out this special Season 2 wrap-up finale episode that features a short, 1-minute clip from each episode to see where you want to start, and what you want to listen to next. Thanks for another Remarkable Season my friend and enjoy! ✌

Your Host & Friend,
David Pasqualone


• Introduction, What’s Next, & Thank You!, 0:00
• Pedro Pena, 5:08
• Brad Cooper, 6:18
• Tim Ward, 7:20
• Max Ivey, 8:33
• Brandon Novak, 9:30
• Zaena X and Janson Maek, 10:44
• Ken Coleman, 11:55
• David and Kristen D. Samuel, 13:03
• Rob Jackson, 14:15
• George Hofmann, 15:20
• Andrea Freeman, 16:33
• Bill Kurzeja, 17:40
• Tim Spiker, 18:50
• Echo Huang, 20:04
• Tony Guarnaccia, 21:12
• Seth Meyers, 22:28
• Jeff Galvin, 23:42
• David Pasqualone, 24:55
• Gene Valentino, 26:00


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While we are very thankful for our guests, please understand that we do not necessarily endorse all the same beliefs, views, and positions that they may have. We respectfully agree to disagree in some areas and thank God for the blessing and privilege of freewill.😇

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Season 2 Finale | What’s Next, Wrap-up Reel, and Thank You! | Season 2 Episode 43


[00:00:00] Host, David Pasqualone: [00:00:00] Hello friends. This is David Pasqualone with the remarkable people podcast. Welcome to season two, episode 43, the season finale. Wrap-up.

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:00:13] The remarkable people podcast.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:00:15] Check it out.

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:00:24] the

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:00:24] remarkable

Guest, Seth Meyers: [00:00:25] people

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:00:25] podcast. Listen,

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:00:30] repeat

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:00:32] for life. Hey, welcome to episode 43, the finale. What we’re going to do today, ladies and gentlemen is take a short clip from each episode in season two and kind of give you a sample and taste in case you miss something. Almost every one of our episodes talks about multiple topics and multiple aspects of growth and knowledge and wisdom we can glean from.

So these clips are just one small piece of a larger conversation, and it may not even be the central theme of the episode. Well, we just thought it’d be nice that if you missed an episode, this will give you a little sample of what you missed and boom, you can go back and check it out. So before we play this episode, I just want to say thank you.

I’m so thankful for you as a listener, the remarkable community built up, and now we are a whole across the globe in over 70 countries. We’re in pretty much every state in the United States. And we’re growing and what’s great is we’re growing together for Christ. So if you love this podcast, please give it a five star review in your, you know, your Apple podcasts, your chartable, your stitch or whatever directory you use to listen to us.

Please give us a five-star review, share it with your friends. Maybe repost them on your social media so we can get more people. Good content. If you don’t think we deserve a five star review, please let us know so we can become better. But if we do, please put out the review, it helps more than, you know, not just to get more listeners, but to get quality guests so we can continue to bring you remarkable stories.

So as you listen to episode one, just remember what I mean, sorry. While you listen to episode 43, don’t forget. You can go all the way back to episode one all the way through 42 and all of the episodes they’re timeless. They can be used at point in life or growth. The knowledge is evergreen, but we broke it up in seasons so we can have an order.

And just so we can take some breaks and retool, for instance, in season three, we’re coming back just as strong in the podcast. But then we’re coming back stronger with a video cast. So if you want to watch us on YouTube, or if you want to listen through your favorite player, you can do both. We’re just trying to be able to reach more people with good content.

So everyone grows together has a better life. And like our slogan says, we don’t want you just to listen. But do what you’re learning repeated every day and have an amazing life in this world and in the next. So if we can help you please write us through our website, contact me through email, hit the send voicemail button on our website, whatever you need, reach out to us and we’ll get back to you.

If you need a gas, we’ll cook you up with the guest. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for our sponsors this season. Thank you to our supporters this season. If you want to donate to the remarkable people podcast, to help out with the operational costs, I want to help out with the outreach.

If you want to help out with providing Bibles, if you want to help with any aspect of the ministry, you let us know. We’re not just taking money and putting it in our pockets. We’re using it for the big purpose to be about our father’s business. So I’m David Pascoe alone. You are you? I hope I get to meet you someday.

If I don’t already know you and enjoy this episode, if you have any questions, let me know, but we love you have a great break. We’re going to come back in the middle of December. We’re going to launch season three. So be on the lookout for that. And between now and season three, we’re going to throw it a bonus episode or two.

So keep checking your phone. Don’t lose touch with us. Don’t forget, but set a reminder on your phone or make sure you subscribe to us. So when a new episode drops, boom, you’re notified. Thank you for listening against the remarkable people podcast. I’m David . I love you so much, but more than me. God loves you.

Listen to these clips. Hopefully you hear it through that. And if you need anything, you just ask. [00:05:00] Have a great great day and I’ll check you out and see you again in season three,

the power of hope steadfastness in my stuttering life episode 23, the Pedro Pena story.

Guest, Tim Ward: [00:05:19] And I told the man, you know, I’m here too, you know? I w I want to end it all. And then he told me, he said, no, we all have a purpose on this earth. We’re all unique. We all have a path in this world. You you’re here for a reason.

You’re here for a reason. You’re here for a

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:05:50] purpose.

Guest, Tim Ward: [00:05:53] And I mean, it’s, I mean, it was

Guest, Rob Jackson: [00:05:59] just the

Guest, Tim Ward: [00:06:02] darkness. I mean, it just went away. The darkness went away and I turned around, I went back home.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:06:18] Resilience mental toughness and finishing your race episode 24, the Bradley Cooper story

Guest, Bradley Cooper: [00:06:28] following on from month, you would find that about once a month for about 24 hours, sometimes twice a month. I just go through this law where I’m just, I just I’m I’m I’m just flat. I just don’t have the energy. I’m not.

It’s just, it’s not gone. And I I’ve learned I’ve started doing a lot more journaling. I’ve learned that that tends to the switch will flip within 24 hours. So if today’s a rough day, I’m almost positive from experience. Tomorrow’s going to be

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:06:56] better,

Guest, Bradley Cooper: [00:06:58] maybe. Great. Um, so I do struggle with those and, and I think maybe to slow it down, like you’re doing a great job here in saying let’s slow this down.

Let’s talk about a couple of specifics. I think that’s one of the things I loved about our research and said identified very specific things. The model that we came up with was threefold. It’s

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:07:16] thrive,

Guest, Bradley Cooper: [00:07:17] prepare and activate

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:07:21] building resilience and coping with life after COVID-19 episode 25. The Tim ward story.

Guest, Tim Ward: [00:07:31] And I have a lot of respect for this about millennials. They don’t like to waste time.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:07:39] So

Guest, Tim Ward: [00:07:39] if you’re not communicating effectively, they won’t listen to you.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:07:44] I, as a

Guest, Tim Ward: [00:07:45] professional communicator, there’s something about that. I respect.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:07:51] And

Guest, Tim Ward: [00:07:51] a lot of people who are older, tend to think you need to listen to me because I’m in a senior position to you that frankly doesn’t work

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:07:59] quite often with millennials.


Guest, Tim Ward: [00:08:01] I say, but you know, it should be communication is on the shoulders of the person communicating. If you’re speaking or writing a broadcasting, it’s up to you to be interesting, to be engaging, you have to adapt your audience tone expect they’ll listen to you. You got to pay people a lot to listen to you if you’re going to be boring.

So I, I, not only do I respect that, but I noticed that some millennials have got a shorter attention span because there’s so much more out there that needs to be paid attention

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:08:30] to

the blind blogger growing up circus and no excuses, episode 26, the max Ivy story.

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:08:44] I wanted to tell this story, because I think some people get the misconception that everything I ever do turns out. Right. Eventually, because someday, somehow

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:08:53] you wouldn’t be the remarkable man,

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:08:55] whilst I’ve actually gotten emails from people like that.

There’s who basically said they were depressed after seeing me talk on a podcast because they thought, Hey, the guy never. Never has a bad day. He’s always, always happy, always smiling, nothing ever goes. And then when stuff goes, does go wrong. He just turns those limited to limit cream pie. You know, that’s, I’ve gotten those emails, so

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:09:18] let’s do this.

And right now you can refer people to this podcast. You answer that question right now. Like you’re gunner with this story and then you can refer them here and save yourself time. All right. I

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:09:27] appreciate it. We’ll even get the time. Marker later.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:09:32] 13 trips to rehab five years sober, a real jackass. And what changed? Episode 27, the Brandon Novak story. It’s about

Guest, Brandon Novak: [00:09:44] to be released. It’s in times square in New York city, my literary agents, they’re my publishers. They’re my managers. They’re all these well to do people in the Scally. We’re there for the release of my, my new book, this autobiography addiction memoir that I had just read that was becoming

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:09:59] wildly

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:09:59] successful.

[00:10:00] Guest, Brandon Novak: [00:10:02] I didn’t have any money that day to, to get high. And my people would not allow me to have any money to go get high, because what I didn’t understand then that I clearly see now is that it would not be a good look. Me sitting at the Barnes and noble was in times square, New York city as the launch of my new addiction memoir, uh, takes place.

And I’m doing these autograph signings while nodding out on

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:10:25] heroin.

Guest, Brandon Novak: [00:10:27] But see, the reality is disease, the disease from which I possessed, the one that brought me through these doors. Begging for one more chance of sobriety, that disease, that disease, that when it calls, I answered by any and all means necessary

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:10:44] hard work success and setting realistic expectations, episode 28, the Zaina and Jason makes story.

Guest, Zaena & Jason Maek: [00:10:54] For those that are really mastering the gig economy. What they’re doing is building digital platforms, whether it’s, you know, like for example, like your son, right? Like your son is in the gig economy. His gig though is digital content, you know, through his social platform.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:11:12] Yup. And he started just like you’re saying with his friends having fun, three months later, he’s got 300,000 followers and 5 million views on videos blows my mind. Bingo. Right.

Guest, Zaena & Jason Maek: [00:11:23] You know, but, but that’s the thing, right? So I, I implore, you know, I was telling somebody like we have a friend she’s a flight attendant and all she does, um, is vlog about being a flight attendant and.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:11:37] She started a few years ago. I

Guest, Zaena & Jason Maek: [00:11:38] think now she has like a little bit over a hundred thousand subscribers or something now.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:11:42] Right.

Guest, Zaena & Jason Maek: [00:11:42] Her flight attendant blogging makes more money than the flight attending itself. And she does the fight attending now so that she

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:11:53] can actually do the vlog

video jury over doubt and fear and fulfilling your purpose episode 29, the Ken Coleman story.

Guest, Ken Coleman: [00:12:07] I really got honest with God and honest with myself. And I got to a point where I really truly did believe. That I was doing what I was called to do, and that I, that I really did have what it takes. And then I, and that God had really put this vision on my heart.

And I really had done the homework on what I believe about creation and how we were created and that this stuff was. This stuff was true and pure what I wanted to do. So that strengthened my faith. So when you get a sense that, Hey, this is not bad pizza, and this is not delusion and ambition run a muck.

So my faith was huge. That’s the spiritual side of it, but there’s a verse in Hebrews that says without faith, it is impossible to please God. And I think some people just go, okay, I have faith. I have faith. Okay, God do it. And I don’t think that’s good theology.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:13:04] Porn marriage honesty and hope episode 30, the David and Kirsten de Samuel story.

Guest, David Samuel: [00:13:14] What grown man has to give his daughter his 20 year old daughter, his computer, isn’t looking at pornography while he’s in a hotel room. And it’s just like, what, and what mess have I made of this? So that was another aspect of it that we had to deal with was the children.

Fortunately, they were very gracious and very forgiving and, and walk through it with us. But one of the things that. One of the things that came into my mind was that, and I don’t know where we heard this, I heard it somewhere, but it was, we teach our kids how to succeed and how to do well in life. But we often fail to teach them how to fail.


Guest, Tim Ward: [00:13:57] that was during our restoration group.

Guest, David Samuel: [00:13:59] And so I wanted to. Model. Okay. Yeah, dad’s blown it. This is what happens when, when, uh, sin gets involved and I’ve blown it spiritually, but how can I recover

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:14:16] medicating pain, sexual addiction, and how to be free episode 31, the Rob Jackson story.

Guest, Rob Jackson: [00:14:25] And so the addiction just kind of cancels out conscience. For the moment in the moment, it’s okay to do whatever that is. And so an addiction basically becomes a behavior that is unmanageable. I can no longer take charge of it is taking charge of me.

And addiction is something now that I do, regardless of circumstances, you know, negative consequences really don’t motivate me because I want. My drug of choice. I’m not learning, uh, do it over and over. [00:15:00] Uh, so I think basically when you talk about an addiction, whether it is gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex pornography, or whatever, one of the key things is, is it now one manageable?

Am I doing this in spite of my better sense? Have I tried to stop before? And I can’t.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:15:23] Managing mental illness, bipolar disorder and anxiety episode 32, the George Hoffman story.

Guest, George Hofmann: [00:15:33] The second was to change the language. You’ll hear all the time. People say he has bipolar. No, he is bipolar or I am depressed. Language is very important. And I think that verb in there changing that verb made all the difference for me because I changed to be, to, to have.

So instead of saying I am bipolar, I started to say, I have bipolar disorder. And I insist on everybody saying that it’s not, she is mentally ill, but she has a mental illness because positioning it this way, separated it from my core sense of self and enabled me to act to lose it. Because if it’s something you have, you can dismiss it and separate from it.

Whereas if it’s something you

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:16:25] are, it’s just

Guest, George Hofmann: [00:16:27] part of you and you can never pull away from it. So the language

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:16:30] change.

Passion insight and determined success. Episode 34, the Andrea Freeman story.

Guest, Amanda Freeman: [00:16:42] One of the biggest influences in my life would be I say the girl Scouts. And I say that because I accidentally at 16 discovered my passion. But back to that business that I started at 12 years old, it was because of the girl

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:16:59] Scouts.

Oh, nice.

Guest, Amanda Freeman: [00:17:01] Yeah. So, you know, like my girl scout leader brings in the red cross to do CPR certification and babysitting certification for my girl scout troop, and a light bulb goes off and I’m like, Oh, I’m in business. Just start making the flyers start marketing, reaching out to family, friends. How do I make a flyer?

Like, can you sit down? You have a program. We didn’t have a computer at that time, but a family friend has one sit down, bust out some flyers, Xerox them off door to door selling. Andrea’s awesome. Babysitting service. I know the name is a little silly, but I was 12, but that’s it. I was bitten by the bug.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:17:42] Developing confidence and communication episode 35, the bill Kerr Sage’s story.

Guest, Bill Kurzeja: [00:17:50] Yes. Come working for yourself. Just like you said, it’s, you’re either, you know, starving or it’s Christmas morning. Right. And you know, that’s what commissioned life is about, but.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:18:03] I

Guest, Bill Kurzeja: [00:18:03] learned that it wasn’t about that. Right. And you know, it was more about the people and the feeling and the satisfaction and the understanding that the fulfillment, right.

So to where I would come home and I would tell my wife, you know, this was such a fulfilling day and, and that’s grown even more and more to the point where people go, what do you do for a living? Well, I’ll tell you who I am. Because that’s what I do. Right. I don’t, I don’t go and do something. I’m not a different person at home.

You know, I’m the same person, no matter where I’m at. And that’s why I don’t look at it as work. I don’t look at it as a business. I look at it as my life and this is my passion. This is what I bring, and I want to keep getting better at

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:18:49] it. Basketball business. And the two key qualities of leadership, episode 36, the Tim Speicher story.

Guest, Tim Spiker: [00:19:01] With, with my father doing what he did at West Virginia university with the football team. I knew that there were guys that never got in the game that contributed to the team’s success in a meaningful way, because every day they showed up in practice and say, look, we might be playing. We might be playing Penn state on Saturday.

But today I’m Penn state for the guys who are going to play. And so my game is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Our team will play on Saturday, but my contribution is now. And you know, that was my, that was my role at Purdue. Now, I don’t think you can never be satisfied with that role. You can’t say, well, that’s the only thing you gotta be working towards something more, but that was my role.

And because I’d been around athletics with my father, I knew that that role was an important one. But as my. As my contribution in practice seemed like it was waning. I was, you know, it’s a great to have the nicey for the games and it’s great to wear the uniform, but I wanted to at least make sure I was making a [00:20:00] contribution,

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:20:03] perseverance drive wealth and owning your future episode 37, the echo Wong story.


Guest, Echo Huang: [00:20:13] also my, uh, determination influence this immigration officer. And I probably convince her that I would not be a burden to this society in the us. And she said, welcome to America. That’s in the end. I was like, Oh my gosh. Today is my lucky day. So that’s how I got my visa, you know? And then that night I remember I took the train back very late night, train back to Shenzhen.

I put tending that I didn’t get the visa.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:20:51] I will know your mom and dad.

Guest, Echo Huang: [00:20:53] No, my, my mom was so prepared to comfort me anyway. She just thought, you know what? The chance is pretty slim. And, uh, so I just went along, you know, no, I try, I didn’t get it. So she just said all the words, all guides were to comfort me.

And then I just said, I did it. I got it.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:21:15] Small steps to becoming more resilient in life. And in business episode 38, The Tony Gwar notch a story. So when

Guest, Tony Guarnaccia: [00:21:25] this pandemic hit, first thing I did was called all my past prospects and past buyers that may not even be active. So that’s the lowest. So kind of what you’re asking is what’s the lowest hanging fruit.

What was hanging fruit are your existing connections. So I would start with your, your buyers that you have today. See if they might want to buy more. Uh, the other people are the people that didn’t buy from you or stop buying from you, go back to them. So I went to people from five years ago, 10 years ago, and got some business there.

You can also go back to your referral network. So each of those people, you ask them for one or two referrals. Then what you want to do is look at people that you have associations with. Maybe it’s your dentist. Maybe it’s, you’re the funny one for me. Cause if you see on video on me here, but you go to your barber, you know, and say, Hey.

Do you have, and then you start conversations there, right? So it’s expanding your referral network of people that could buy from you. That’s where I would absolutely start. It’s the lowest hanging fruit by existing buyers. Getting them to buy again or buy more. And

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:22:24] from referrals,

real-world missions, crocodile attacks, criminals at gunpoint and Christ, episode 39, the Seth and Amy Myers story.

Guest, Seth Meyers: [00:22:41] Torturing children, torturing wives in front of husbands, et cetera. Um, so they, they attempted to murder our children. And I called out for my boy right there. One gun is on my head. One gun is on the boy’s head.

And I said, Kayla pray. And he was seven years old. I wrote this down right after it happened. So I would not be in danger of exaggerating. Uh, I think God is honored by the truth. And my son prayed, God saved them open their eyes. They’re blind. And I I’m so grateful that God had done a work like that in my son’s heart, that he would pray for his enemies like Steven did, uh, or like our Lord told us to, and the men immediately took the gun away from his head.

But they did beat his mother and they beat my myself. My wife was pregnant with our fifth child at that time, and she was beaten in the stomach.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:23:43] Hijacking viruses, viral vectors, gene and cell therapy and HIV cured episode 40, the Jeff Galvin story.

Guest, Jeff Galvin: [00:23:56] I believe we’ll send radiation chemotherapy the way of bloodletting and leeches, because now that we can take

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:24:01] this

Guest, Jeff Galvin: [00:24:02] ability to modify your cells for better health, that we can put new genes in there.

We don’t have to stop at correcting errors in your genes, okay. Places where you’re missing something and overriding them with a viral

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:24:13] vector. That’s

Guest, Jeff Galvin: [00:24:14] what most of the drugs are. We can improve the operation of cells that aren’t doing their job quite well enough.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:24:22] And that’s

Guest, Jeff Galvin: [00:24:23] the key to HIV. HIV only gets into your body because the HIV

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:24:28] virus

Guest, Tony Guarnaccia: [00:24:29] has evolved the capability

Guest, Jeff Galvin: [00:24:30] of grabbing onto a T cell and infecting it and making it part of the infection.

The thing that is the worst thing about HIV, that in some ways we have leveraged for the best things in our company, is that the genes that it’s carrying, if it finds a cell to attach

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:24:47] to.

Guest, George Hofmann: [00:24:49] It will actually

Guest, Jeff Galvin: [00:24:50] transmit those genes and install them permanently in the DNA.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:24:57] Where’s God finding God [00:25:00] in everyday life, episode 41, the David Pascoe alone story by not having a father at that early age, there was a ton of damage.

It did in the world’s eyes. But what it did for me as an adult is it allowed me to see wow through the Bible who God really is. What a perfect father. He really is, how much he really loves me. Dave Pascoe alone, how much he really loves you. Insert your name here. And how that I don’t need a father on earth because I have an eternal father in eternity, which we refer to as heaven.

And that was something that in my later years and through today, now I understand he showed me that all I need is him

election 2020. COVID-19 and the 28th amendment episode 42, the gene Valentino’s story. Taking more of a business approach

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:26:15] business to a social political issue, a good point, a medical issue that became, that became political and now social and economic. It was political first when our Chinese friends stuck it to us.

And you know, I’m glad you brought it up that way because

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:26:36] before . Well, we didn’t ask

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:26:41] for this. This came out of a laboratory and Wu Han let no one tell you otherwise. Yeah. There’s a lot of intelligence behind that, that I happened to know, uh,

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:26:52] is true.

Guest, Gene Valentino: [00:26:54] It’s a fact that China has really stuck it to us. Now.

It didn’t happen in 2020. They’ve been doing it for decades. Yes, sir. And now it’s beginning to catch up and hopefully by the grace of God, Americans and America. We’ll realize that if we don’t stand for something we’re going to fall for anything.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:27:17] Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoy that. Wrap-up episode of season two. It truly has been a pleasure and honor to be on this journey together. I can’t wait to hear you and see you in season three, and I’d love to help you out any way I can just let me know. And also I’d love to give you a little something, shoot me an email.

Let’s stick together. Give me your address. And I will mail you out. Some stickers wherever you are in the world. As long as I can get it there through the post office or through whatever means we have available. We got you covered. Let’s stick together. We love you have a great holiday season in America and across the world.

And remember, don’t just listen to this podcast in great knowledge, but do it, repeat it and have a great life in this world. And the next until next time I’m David Pascoe alone. And you’re you. We love you. God loves you most and let’s go do something for him. Bye.

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:28:22] The remarkable people podcast. Check it out.

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:28:32] the

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:28:33] remarkable

Guest, Seth Meyers: [00:28:33] people

Host, David Pasqualone: [00:28:34] podcast.

Intro / Outro Reel: [00:28:37] Listen, repeat for life.



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