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Did you hear the one about the skateboarding teen who was sponsored by Vans, went off the wall, and feeling the grind of life was throwing it all away partying? You know, the one where he was wasting all his talents, had this crazy idea to become a US Navy SEAL, personally trained with the Scott Helvenston, and then actually made it? Well, if you missed that one and want to hear powerful life lessons (and a whole lot more) from an elite of the elite, check it out it here on The Remarkable People Podcast Episode 6: The Chad Williams story!


A frequent guest on major news networks; former U.S. Navy SEAL Chad Williams is the author of the best-selling book SEAL of God. Chad is a highly in demand keynote speaker, drawing from his experiences in the SEAL Teams to edify others on servant leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity and personal motivation.




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The-Remarkable-People-Podcast-with-host-David-Pasqualone-S1-E6-Guest-Chad-Williams US Navy SEAL

The Remarkable People Podcast with host David Pasqualone Season 1 Episode 6 Chad Williams

[00:00:00] David Pasqualone: [00:00:00] Hello friends. This is David Pasqualone with the remarkable people podcast. Season one episode six featuring Chad Williams,

Intro/Outro Music: [00:00:09] the remarkable people podcast. Check it out. The remarkable people podcast. Listen, do repeat for life.

David Pasqualone: [00:00:32] Chad is a frequent guest on major news networks, a former U S Navy SEAL, author of the bestselling book SEAL of God, a high demand keynote speaker. And a man who travels the world, teaching people to Edify others through servant leadership, teamwork, and overcoming adversity through personal motivation. It is my pleasure to have on the show today, Chad Williams. Thanks for being here, Chad.

Chad Williams: [00:01:01] I’m pumped to be here. Thanks for having me on.

David Pasqualone: [00:01:03] Oh man. It’s my pleasure. Thanks for being here. So before we start the interview, let’s explain to the audience briefly how we met. What happened was there were some fights on a Saturday night and I invited one of my buddies over for a fight party and he said he couldn’t because he had a friend coming into town who was a former Navy seal, and he had some buddies. They were taken out and I’m like, okay, that’s cool. And he’s like, you know what? Why don’t you come with us? I’m like, I don’t want to impose. He’s like, no man, come on. So I come out to the dinner with my family and we all have a good time, and I meet Chad and we just hit it off talking about stories and his experiences. And we talked about the fight. So when I came in, why don’t you come over my house and I will watch a fight? And he’s like, yeah, that sounds great. So him and his friends came over and we all just had a good time and really clicked and it was awesome. while we were there though. Chad told me a really funny story that like from the share with you today, and we’re going to call it choking out for Jesus. So Chad, go ahead and tell that story if you don’t mind.

Chad Williams: [00:02:07] All right. Well, for those that aren’t really familiar with, you know, my background, so first of all, just so you know, I’m a a former U S Navy seal, and so we have this mutual friend by the name of Eric. We’ll just keep everything first name basis. Eric and, back in the past, just as I had gotten out of the military, I was a part of this ministry called living waters. And one of the things that we would do was we would go to these different States and put on conferences. And so one of the conference, it was called a deeper conference. It’s all about, you know, getting into a deeper relationship with God being fired up to go do stuff like evangelism. And I think that by the end of the event, everyone was pretty fired up to go do. So. In fact, they heard about this beer Fest that was going on in Kentucky and they wanted to go out there and share the gospel with people. And I’m thinking based off of my past experience, that is not. A good place to go to. I know you think that as you share the gospel with people, it will just Shober them up. but you know, more often than not, common sense, you know, will tell you, this, this isn’t, this isn’t a place that you should be. Well, they weren’t backing down this group of people they want to go. And amongst them, you know, was, one of the conference speakers by the name of Eric, our friend. And so I decided I’m going to go with them. I’m going to go with and not because I want to take part in any of this, but because I’m concerned for their safety. They got to have somebody there that’s watching their six. I got that situational awareness all look up for them. Well, we make this big walk across a bridge. We finally get there to the beer fast and it is just like, I thought it would be. I mean. Everything you picture Sodom and Gomorrah to be, that’s what was going on. Just complete debauchery. People that were a NIBR created and out of their minds and just thinking, this is not a good scene to be at. Well, I’m just waiting for these guys to get going. They want to evangelize, go for it, evangelize. They want to do some open air preaching. Go do some open air preaching. Well, they’re all kind of standing around twiddling their thumbs, and nobody wants to actually pony up and be the first one to do it, and so they’re all kind of looking at each other like, who’s going to go first? Who’s going to go first? And then look at me and they asked me like, Hey, would you kick it off? And I’m like, dude, I didn’t even want to be here right now. Now you guys are asking me to go up first. And I was like, all right, fine. How crack this shone? So I’m hopping up on a park bench and if you can imagine these streets are shut down. There’s no traffic, it’s all just people on foot, but traffic. And they have these easy ups that are set up all over the place. To sell more beer, to, you know, sell snacks and water, and I’ve got an easy up, like right next to me at this. Bench with a flood lamp that was like pointed right in my eyes. I don’t know why the flood lamp wasn’t pointed like towards the easy up or towards people [00:05:00] speeds, but it was pointed up in the air right into my eyes. It’s nighttime, people are wasted, and here I go. I’m open air preaching. I’m trying to tell the drunk crowd about Jesus and I’m bringing up some of the controversial stuff though first, you know, in order for them to really appreciate the savior, they got to have an appreciation for how serious their sin is. Oh, well at some point, while this is all going on and I’m thinking I’m about to get a beer bottle to the face off my teeth out, I’m like, I see this thing coming. You know, cause I got this light in my eyes and this big crowd of people that are, they’re kind of balking at me yelling things here and there. Eric comes running up to me and he goes, yo, Chad, man, let me get your wallet. And I’m thinking, what does he want my wallet for? And then I realized, Oh, Eric realizes that I’m parched, that my throat is very dry right now. And so out of the kindness of his heart, he is going to go buy me a water with my own money from my wallet. All right on. And so now my OpenAir preaching is taking the pivot. I’m switching from sin to the savior. I’m talking about the good news of the gospel, what Jesus did for us at the cross. And then somewhere along the way, I hear yelling, coming from the front lines of this crowd of people, and I’m trying to like look through the light to see what’s going on because it’s a familiar voice. It’s another friend of ours by the name of Mark. And so I’m looking just to paint the, just to paint the picture, this wasn’t like 10 people either. This was a large group of people. Correct. Of people. See of people. It’s a beer Fest and everyone is on foot. Just wasted, inebriated, right? And so huge crowd of people just in the immediate area alone, there’s probably at least a couple of hundred people that are like. Listening to, you know, what is going on and heckling me. And so I look at this friend of my marquee screaming trad chat, and I’m trying to see what’s going on. Is somebody attacking him and I don’t see that. I see him. Grabbing onto somebody that’s trying to get away from him, and I’m thinking, Mark, what are you doing? You’re the Christian. You’re not supposed to be assaulting people right now. And so he’s got this guy by his fingertips as the guy’s just trying to yank and pull away, the guy gets away and he takes off. And so then Mark looks over at me. We’ve got eye contact now, and I’m like, what’s up man? He goes, that guy has your military ID, your seal ID. And so man, I just blank out and I go after this guy, down off that bench through the crowd. And I’m on him and we get into it. Right. And long story short, I wound up putting him in a rear naked choke hold and I’m telling them to drop my ID cause he’s got my military ID, he’s got my seal team badge in his hand and I was just fresh out of the Navy. I think that the terminal leave was like just wrapping up and so he’s not dropping it. And so now he’s got these friends that come running up on me. And so I got their friend by his neck and these two guys, now they’re yelling and bargain and talking real big like they’re going to, you know, kick my teeth in. And so I kind realized like, okay, these guys are all bark and no bite. You know, they’re, they would have come in after me by now. And so I decided I need to create some space. I need to get my ID out of this guy’s hand. And so I just backpedal with them as fast as I can. I run back about 20 feet and I just start putting on the Anaconda squeeze, right? I’m just like, go to sleep. And as I’m squeezing him and slight like slowly letting him down, the ID just drops from his hand, hits the pavement. I gently put him down on the ground and I grabbed my ID. Well, now I look up and I’ve got this huge, huge beer Fest crowd all around me. This was a fight, and this is happening in front of hundreds of drunk people. And so you can imagine there’s like that circle or in the middle of this circle, it’s the arena. It’s the pit. And this guy is just coming back to consciousness as he’s getting up to his feet. And there’s this very strange silence. I mean, such a loud place, so much ambient noise and chatter going on. And for a moment you could just hear a needle drop in that place is they’re looking to see what happens next. And so to break the silence. One guy just yells out. Yeah, choking people out for Jesus. Everyone repeats the chat, choking people out for Jesus. And I’m just like, Oh no. You know what I mean? Just such a weird place right now. And next thing you know, the police are coming. They got the yellow jackets and I don’t even want to deal with it. So I just, I ran, I took off and I ended up linking up with the guys. And I was like, what was going on? I thought, you’re going to get me a water. As it turns out, they were arguing with some guy in the crowd over whether or not I really was a Navy seal, and so Eric knew that I had a seal team ID inside of my wallet still, and so he [00:10:00] decided the March on over get my wallet to go at, display it to this guy to show him. Our friend really is a seal. Check this out. Yeah, that guy snatched it. He snatched it and he took off with it. And you already heard how the rest of that all played out. But, yeah, that’s a, you know, that’s a funny story from the past that involves our, our mutual friend, Eric out there and in Florida, and we’ll talk more, I’m sure. But, for the listener, this is actually a good way. Some of you who are listening have a worldview where you believe in Christ, and some of you absolutely do not. And that’s okay. What we’re going to discuss in this show today is going to bring value and truth based on the basic fundamentals of life. And as you can hear, Chad and I both, we believe in God and trusted him as our savior, but the same beliefs that we have that we get from the Bible, it’s the same truths that work in all of life. Now we both have the intent and the desire that you come to know Christ. But if you just want right now, listen to some great stories from Chad and you want to hear the principles that makes him be elite of the elite. This is a podcast for you. If you really think about, and Chen, correct me if I’m wrong right now, the world population is about 7.7 billion people. The U S population is only 327 million people. That’s about 5% of the world. Out of our country. Only 2.1 million people are actually in the U S military serving right now. Currently active duty out of that is about 400,000 people in the Navy. There’s only about 1500 to 2000 seals actively. And is that the, at least the CEO partner, understanding that’s about accurate. So if you start looking at the global population that United States seal team. I don’t have any country of any nation of any program is known to be the leader who eat the hardest of the hardest. So you’re talking about not 0.1 not 0.01 it’s like 0.001 of the global population. So when Chad given us advice on leadership and on just personal self responsibility and discipline, he’s an expert. Anyone just listened, heard you’re sold out for Christ. You also have great judgment and manage jujitsu skills, but, but, how did this happen? Let’s back it up. Let’s start wherever you want to start in your past and move. I think maybe a good place to start. Would be my last operation in the field teams. and we can kind of backtrack it a little bit out from there. and actually before you go on, cause I don’t want to interrupt you, Chad has his book seal of God. There’ll be a link in the show notes and I am a slow reader and I picked this book up. I only have an hour traveling between appointments and I got through, I think almost 90 pages. I mean, it is a great book. It’s easier to read. It’s. Entertaining, but it’s also powerful. So as Chad’s discussing this book, a lot of the stories are in here, so if you catch a glimpse of it today, you will to really get a full view through the novel. Awesome. All right. So I’ll just kind of spotlight the last operation I was on, out in Iraq with my team, and I think that it will cast a. A good shadow on some of the earlier events of my life and how I wound up in the place that I was at on that last operation. And so out in Iraq, I was out there at seal team seven. we were given the task of, hunting down men that make suicide best and roadside bombs like EDS, which for those that don’t know, just stands for improvised explosive device. And we’re working with a group called the ice off. That’s the Iraqi special operations forces. And one of our goals with these guys is to simply teach them how to fight their own fights. And so we figure, you know, the best way to do that is not only train them on base, but actually go outside that wire and fight side by side with them. And if you can imagine a whole deployment going by, I’d say pretty good cause we’ve bagged and gag. Some bad dudes are making the world a better place. And we were coming up on what look like just an up time on the calendar. Did you maybe one more operation and we weren’t really sure if the ice office ready for us to pass that Baton off to them. And so we decided, how about for the spinal operation? We’ll try and make it this graduation operation. We’ll let them plan the whole thing from the ground up. And we’ll be there with them just in [00:15:00] case things go bad. And so they start from scratch. The first thing they need is some Intel. So they’re hitting the streets and they find this source that tells them about a man, and it’s this Iraqi policemen by day, but at night back home, he’s actually one of these bomb makers that we’re looking for. And so the ice off comes up with this whole plan, how they want to approach this guy’s house, get in, grab him, extract it all checks out. It looks pretty good, you know, and these bomb makers, they do not rate very high on the morality scale. You know, oftentimes they’re not very motivated to actually be the one to strap it on themselves. And they have such a difficult time finding somebody to raise a hand and volunteer for the job that oftentimes they can’t find anyone. And in one instance over there, just to really capture how depraved and wicked their minds operate. what they did is they couldn’t find anyone, so they took two mentally handicapped women and strap these vests onto them and push them off into a crowded marketplace watching from a distance like cowards, as they set it off with the remote killing these women, and, and obviously so many more, just kind of gives you an idea of the type of characters that we’re up against. But the ice off, they’ve got this whole plan and they mentioned one other thing as they want to go out and get this guy. They kind of had a complaint. They’re saying, look, we realize that we the ice off. You know, we tend to get shot at more than seals do on operations, and we think we figured it out. Why. Okay. So we’re kind of scratching our heads now wondering like, okay, what do you think it is? You got us, you know, we’ll buy, and they say it’s the color of your uniforms. Wow. Like what? That sounds ridiculous. The color of our uniforms. You think it comes down to the mirror color of a year? Like not the way we shoot, move, communicate. Not the way that we perform our tactics, our proficiency. You think it’s a uniform. And they’re not changing. You know, they’re holding firm, they’re convinced it’s the uniforms. And so they’re saying, look, we’re wondering if you’d be willing for this last operation to maybe take off your American card uniforms, and they want us to take the American pain off our vehicles too, and paint on our colors and put our uniforms on. It’s like, all right, let’s get this straight. You want us to. Strip our paint off, paint up our vehicles to blend in with you, put on your uniforms to look more like you. Show that we get at get shot at more with you. And they’re like, yeah. It’s like, fine. It’s, it’s just like Lance Armstrong. It’s not about the bike. You know, like, Hey, it’s not about the uniform. Okay. And so we get their uniforms on. And the funny thing is, is, you know, for your listeners. You know, what you got to understand is, you know, I got a dark complexion, and when I started growing out, a little facial hair. Oh man. You know, and so I got an Iraqi uniform on dark complexion, little facial hair, and the guys on my team are looking at me with a big smile on their face. I’m like, what’s up? And they’re like, Hey Williams, you’re really starting to blend in with those guys now, aren’t ya looking like, all right, I guess I am. And so here we are is the final lap. We finally get to go home after all this. Right? And so I’m sitting there in the Humvee. I’m actually standing up in the tour. And I’m behind the 50 caliber machine gun, and for those of you that are listening and maybe don’t know what the 50 Cal is, let’s just say that’s a weapon that could really reach out and touch somebody. I’ve got my night vision goggles on. I’m looking through my green little world and just kind of going over this mental inventory as I’m thinking about all the things I know about this night that are clicking off on my mind. I know my weapon has had space and time that means ready to go. I know where this guy lives, how we’re going to get in and grab him extract. But one unique thing I know. About this operation that really does make it different than every other operation. I can’t help but to think about it. It’s the final operation, which also means I know just a matter of days from now, I’ll be back in my hometown, Southern California, surfing in the ocean, but here’s what none of us really knew about that night was that we are actually being set up the entire time. You get thrown into the absolute where circumstances we’d been in. On this entire deployment as we’re being set up on an ambush and now we find ourselves engaging in this gun battle for our lives, and it truly was the team’s ability to, you know, shoot, move, communicate, and do what we do best as Navy seals. That ultimately led to the possibility of me still being in existence, you know, to this day. and before I touch on how that all played out. Like I said, I think that that would be a good place to spotlight things. and I, I want to look at the shadow though in the past of like, how did I even get to that place? And so for me, fresh out of high school, attending just this local community college, I didn’t have any real big plans. And you know, that saying, if you aim at nothing, you [00:20:00] will hit it. And, that is so true. And unfortunately, I was aiming at nothing, and I find myself failing virtually all my classes. And it’s my own fault because I have no aim. I’m not even pulling the trigger. I’m not showing up. I’m ditching hanging out with friends, going surfing, partying, you know, but eventually it’s sounded to face the music. And so I remember pulling into that school parking lot, showing up maybe once or twice out of the week to just show my face at these classes. It just really hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m there in my truck and the, the thought just enters my mind like, wow, I’m really turning out to be a loser. I mean, the kind of guy that no young man wants to be. And so I’m brainstorming now I’m thinking, how do I get out of this situation? I don’t want to be in the spot that I’m in right now. And necessity. Is the mother of all invention. The greater the need, the greater the result. I really felt like my back was up against the wall and I wanted out of this spot that I was in. And so now finally I’m turning the gears in my brain, perhaps for the first time, like really trying to capture the vision. Like, what do I want to do with my life? And so I’m brainstorming, I’m thinking, and I got this first idea that I really still to this day, think it would’ve not been a bad idea. I think I know what I’m going to do with my life. I’m going to go become an Alaskan crab fishermen cause I’m watching this sketch. I’m thinking by far one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. There’s some bragging rights and honor in that. And I almost settled on that idea. Cause I’m parked now in the parking lot at school about to go take finals. I didn’t study for the other idea. Enters my mind like, wait, no, why can’t I go join the military? And not just that I want to be a part of the most elite. I want to go through that most difficult grueling military training. I know what I want to be. I want to be a Navy seal. It shows, I thought about it, you know, I got a target in my sights now I got something in the crosshairs. It’s something I’m passionate about. You know what, I, I want to pull the trigger. Who’s going to stop me? And so I just make up my mind. That’s what I do with my life. I’m going to be a Navy seal. And so. I figured out, here’s my first order of business. If I’m in the be this frog man, you know, well, then my first order of business is this. I do not need to go to school anymore. And so I shared on my truck up and took off on that school parking lot. And, I really just dove all. And I started preparing. It literally became, all I ever thought about, all I ever worked on was I want to become a Navy seal. It was my obsession, and that really is one of the keys, I think right there. If you really want to hit the target that’s in your crosshairs, you got to have an obsession for it. And so first of all, I guess here’s a principle for everyone. And it’s a fundamental of shooting and has everything to do with goal setting as well. Because shooting is all about hitting a target, right? And trying to get something in your sights, you’re hitting a target. And so in shooting we have this principle, it’s called aim small, Ms.

Small. And the idea behind that isn’t small thinking. You know, the idea behind that is the more particular. I could get about aiming at whatever it is. It’s in my cross hairs, the better shot I have of hitting it. If I’m just aiming generally at an enemy insurgent that’s trying to flank my team and I pulled that trigger to hit him somewhere. Like he’s just, he’s my target and I miss what happens. Well, I don’t get a hit. I miss, I’m off target, but what have I said? You know what? I’m not just trying to hit him somewhere. I’m going to aim small. If I aim small, my Misha will be small as well. I’m not just trying to hit him somewhere. What I’m looking for is I’m trying to find a button on his tee shirt. I’m aiming small and maybe I don’t hit that button, but guess what? The mess will be small as well. And where would that miss finds itself most likely. Somewhere on target, I’m going to hit him. So its aim small, Ms.

Small. So it’s as true, it’s a fundamental of shooting taught to us as Navy seals and it also applies to hitting targets in life goal setting. If you just aim generally at this idea of like I don’t like how my life is and I want to go achieve something. Great. Well that’s pretty general. What are the chances you’re actually going to hit that if you just go and pull the trigger, it’s kind of unlikely, right? And so you have to get more particular, you know, bring it more into focus. What is it that you’re aiming at? Really try and scope it down. So I started with that broad idea, go do something significant. Don’t be a loser, right? Leaves your Mark in life and had certain ideas like maybe go, you know, be a crowd fishermen. Oh no. Join the military. And I really started focusing in. Not just join the military. I want to be a part of the most elite. I want to go through that most difficult grueling military training. I know that I want to be, I want to be a [00:25:00] Navy seal and not just that I want to be a top performer. Like, I want to be one of the guys that’s competitive in class, like not just making the bare minimum requirements. You know, I want to be in the front of the pack. And so aim small, Ms.

Small, that gives you your best shot at actually hitting the target, hitting the goal, whatever it is that you’re going after. But then my next question is this, what type of person is actually successful. When they’d actually do have quite the target that they’ve acquired in their sites. I would say it leads right into that whole passion aspect of it. You gotta be obsessed. It’s what we call in the seal teams, a common man with uncommon desire to succeed. The key word there being desire, and another unique word to point out about that. It’s the common man. It’s not just the extraordinary stud that shows up to shield churning that seemed like you was just born and bred to be a Navy seal, blessed with the right DNA that has all the muscles and stamina. That’s really not what it’s all about. We all have at our ideas in our heads of like who’s going to make it and who’s not, but that’s all outward appearance stuff and all that outward appearance stuff will seriously betray you because it’s really not about the muscles, man. It’s about the mind. It’s the mindset. A good example would be like the first day of training. These instructors can walk in in the room. We got over 170 of us that are in there and he’s scanning the room and he says to us all, he’s looking for a response. How many of you are willing to die before you quit? So the whole class is pounding their chest saying, Ooh, yah. You know, that’s our yes. And he goes, great. Well this is what I want you to do right now. Why don’t you take a mental picture of the person on your left and on your right? In fact, if you’ve got a guy standing in front of you and behind you right now, do the same thing with those as well. So I’m looking around the room and I do have these four guys. I’m taking this mental picture and it says, chances are if you’re still standing here for graduation day, that means each of these guys, you just took a little mental picture of likely they didn’t make it through. Do you really think your the one, and I honestly remember looking around the room and my thought was, is like. Where’s it going to come from? I know I’m not going to quit, but I don’t see any quit in any of these guys either. We’ve already gone through some pre seal training together where we’ve gotten beat down by these instructors. We have suffered together and I have not seen any quit in any of these guys, and so I know I’m not going to quit. I’ll die before I quit. But these guys are saying the exact same thing I’m singing. They say it with their lips and it seems like they’re saying it with the same intent that I’m saying it. So I’m just thinking, what is it going to take? Like how much deeper down the rabbit hole do we have to go before people start quitting? And I’ve got to find some guys and I think we’ll quit. Like I got to start picking some guys off as I’m scanning the room, I’m looking around. I’m not finding people that I think will quit. I’m seeing guys I think that are going to make it, especially this one guy’s name was Bart. So as I look over at Bartow, I’m like, there’s not one of the guys that’s going to quit. That’s one of the guys that’s definitely going to make it, because Barth was. I’ll say this. He was the start of the class. He was that guy that was just blessed with that, right? Kind of DNA. Who had the genetic superiority that produced the muscles, the stamina to where there is never a question over who’s going to get first place on anything we ever did. As far as I was concerned in many others, we knew it was Barth. Like he’s always so far ahead on the run so far ahead on the swims that. The question is, who’s grabbing second place? We know who’s grabbing first place. And so I’m looking at him thinking, well, there was one of the guys that’s definitely going to be there for graduation day. And, now I’m thinking, what am I doing, man? I’m not supposed to be finding people that I think are gonna make it. I gotta find guys that I think will quit. So I’m looking around the room a little bit more and how could I forget as I saw him. Sky. Alex gone. Yay. Now Alex gone. Yay. Was the exact antithesis of Barth. He was the ugly duckling of the class. I mean, he was always in what we call the goon squad on the runs, meaning he was in the very back and he got a lot of special, extra attention from the instructors. So not only is this guy gonna quit, he’s the locker room. Talk. Like he’s the locker room talk. He’s going to be the first guy to quit. It’s an insult that even made it through the bare minimum requirements to be in the same space as us in this place. So I’m thinking in my head at least I got that resolved. You know, I couldn’t find a bunch of guys that I thought would quit, but you know, I got the first one picked out in my mind. I’m going to watch him go. Well, the crazy thing is that. By the time we got to the most difficult portion of sealed turning, which is called hell week. You know who was amongst the first to ring that bell and quit? It wasn’t this guy Alex Scania amongst the first to quit was this guy Barth, the stud of the [00:30:00] class. The guy blessed with the genetics, the DNA, the muscle, the stamina, and the crazy thing is who was one of the guys that ultimately, ultimately made it all the way through that pipeline. It became a Navy seal. The ugly duckling of the class, the guy that everybody wrote off, the guy that everyone said, not only is he going to quit, he’s the locker room talk man. That’s the first guy who’s going to quit right there. Alex gone. Jay, and so what do we learn from this? I think that what we learn, what’s demonstrated here is that this principle common man is the common man. But with uncommon desire to succeed. Remember, we have this idea about the extraordinary ones are the ones that go and accomplish these extraordinary things, but in seal training, it is not. So it’s the common man that shows up, but with uncommon desire to succeed, and I think that that should be very good news to all of us because the reality is, is that there are certain people in life that are dealt a better deck of cards. Then. You and I, there are certain people that, you know, were raised in the right pedigree and given the right upbringing and maybe got more privileges and a better education than others, right? And so what happens is, is that these people that weren’t blessed, those things, they just kind of write themselves off. They say, well, you know, I can never go on and achieve greatness. And they kind of start kicking themselves and they go into this self pity party. Because you know, I wasn’t given the same privileges as that guy over there. I wasn’t given the same education. I don’t come from that same background, that same pedigree. Well, yeah, you weren’t, and that’s life. You know, not everyone’s going to be dealt with the same deck of cards, right. The chips falls. They may. That’s life. Yeah. Certain people are going to be more privileged than you, but guess what? That’s not the stuff that really counts in determining success. The stuff that really counts is not your DNA. Your DNA does not determine your destiny. What really counts is not the DNA. We could call it the desire, an uncommon desire to succeed. And so maybe you can’t control whether or not you have the DNA that produces the muscles of the guy like Barth, but the quitting mindset. Or, you know, do you have the die before you quit mentality that common mouth, uncommon desire to succeed of a guy like Alex Kanye who would die before he quit. He made it all the way to the very end. And so you got your target insight, you got your aim small, Ms.

Small, and I asked, who is the type of person that actually succeed when it comes time to pull that trigger? I say, it’s that common man. Or you can even say for all those, listen in common woman. With uncommon desire to succeed. And so I had that. I got that uncommon desire, right? But actions speak louder than words. I want this so bad. And so I’m doing all the preparation I can to get ready. And, along the way, I got to break the news to my dad. What had been going on that year at school, you know, then I’m not really passing any of these classes. I haven’t been showing up, you know, I’m, I’m failing. And so I kind of. What sounds real fun, right? And, you know, imagine being dad then. So he’s kind of like, okay. And I told him there was some good news. He’s like, what’s the good news? And I said, well, I’m going to go become a Navy seal. And so again, I’ve got to put myself in my dad’s shoes here. Here’s your son who hasn’t really stick with a lot of the things he started. Right. I would get pretty obsessed with something like baseball and do pretty good at it and get on the all star teams for a while, but then get burnt out, or I get really obsessed with skateboarding. I’d get pretty good at it. I was sponsored by vans shoes. I did some competing, you know, but I got burned out on it, you know, now I’m attending a local community college, but I’m burned out on it. And so I’m, I’m dropping out. I’m not doing it anymore. And so, but now I’m telling you I want to be a Navy seal. And so my dad just tried to be the voice of reason and talk some sense into me and given me a good motivational speech. He’s like, okay, just so you know, Jordan, the military is not like any of these things you’ve ever done in the past son. It’s not like playing ball skateboarding, going to a local community college. He says, if you join the military. And then find out, Oh, this isn’t for you. Or suppose you quit and you don’t make it through seal training. Just to be clear. You will still be in the military and you’re probably going to get a job like chipping paint off some boat in Japan. Well, motivational words to my ears right there. You know, I’m German. I am not going to be that man that’s chip and paint off some boat in Japan. And I know actions speak louder than words. So I’m just, I’m preparing, I’m doing all this running, swimming, I’m going out, you know, doing the pull ups and push ups and sit ups. And as days [00:35:00] go by, my dad might invite me inside. And he says, okay, sure. You really want to do this all you want to be a seal? Like, yeah, dad, I want to be a seal. He goes, great. I set up a workout for you. What? The Navy seal. And I’m looking over the computer. She’s pointing to this email and it’s just this little one-liner just says in this email, can Chad come out and play tomorrow? I like that play like that. You don’t know any Navy seals. You met some guy off the internet. This is, there was the play with me and you’re arranging this right now and you should kind of look it at me. He’s like, he’s a seal. Like you can’t trust everything. Someone tells you on the web dad, and he’s just, he’s a seal. All right, fine. I’ll go meet up with this guy. And so as it turns out, there’s more of a conversation he had with them on the phone prior to that email, that I had no clue about at the time. And I didn’t get the backstory till months later, but I’ll give it to all your listeners up front. So on the phone prior to that email, he’s on the phone with this seal and he tells him, Hey, look, my son wants to be a Navy seal, but here’s the deal. He has no idea what he’s signing up for. Like he doesn’t know what he’s getting involved in. And so. I’m wondering if you could do me a really big favor. I need you to meet up on my son and what I’m asking you to do. I want you to crush him, bury him, beat this desire, becoming a seal out of him. Would you?

And, the guy didn’t give an answer on the phone. He thought about it for a while. So his answer came through in that email. That was the code. On, can Chad come out and play tomorrow? I’ll be in weird, you know, and to say something like that, you know? And here I go. I find myself meeting up with this Navy seal and a beach parking lot by the name of Scott Evanston. And I’ll, I’ll never forget his, he spotted me from across the parking lot, pointed at me. He’s got his glasses, sunglasses on. He’s like, you, Chad. I’m looking over at him and kinda trembling inside. Said, yes, sir. He goes, all right Bubba, come on over here. And so I was Bubba from that point forward and he’s got me dropped down doing some pushups and sit up and pull outs. And he had another guy there that, was a Marine, but he’s reenlisting into the Navy cause he’s an aspiring seal as well. And so I’m kind of sizing myself up. I don’t really remember being around any military prior to that other than retired guys. And so. I’m hanging in there, I’m doing everything he’s requiring of me to do. And my confidence starts to kind of build up. In fact, I’m kind of outdoing this guy that’s a Marine. I’m doing a couple of extra pull-ups, a few extra pushups. And so now, you know, my ego is kind of, I don’t want to do, and I don’t want to interrupt your story, but at this point, you’re 18 years old and Scott was a fit man, but he was not a giant. Correct. Like describe Scott statute or physically, Scott was about 165 pounds of just. Twisted steel and sex appeal. I’m in the  model at, you know, he looked like he was about 200 pounds of muscle, you know, but you just had that look and you had that physique. He’s a world champion pan athlete. He was the fastest Navy seal on the seal training obstacle course is the youngest guy to ever make it through seal training. He completed seal training at 17 years old. That’s only possible because he grew up in so many different foster homes. And so the military made a very special exception, to take him at a very early age. he’s also the only man to beat the beast on this TV program that was on, in the early two thousands called man versus beast, where he raised a chimpanzee through an obstacle course and pull the head of that monkey on the monkey bars. So you can imagine. This was an extraordinary event you’re working out with and your dad’s asked for the elite freakish human to beat you down. Literally the CEO of seals and he set the bar. He was the first seal that I ever met. He’s everything that you would think a seal would be, and every seal I ever met after him couldn’t hold a candle next door. Oh yeah. But he wasn’t six 40 he wasn’t a gorilla. This just maximized every inch of his body. That’s right. Yeah. He’s about my height, which is like about five, seven. Yeah. And, just phenomenal athlete. I couldn’t beat him at anything we ever did. I never saw anyone even come close. I mean, he was that guy that every run, swim, whatever we did, he could just sit there and do dead hang, pull ups up to 50. And it seemed like it wasn’t even phasing him yet. And he would drop off that bar. He always had more. Yeah. Here’s the guy everybody wants, every guy wanting to be and every girl wanted to be with. Right. Just Kara’s Matt Scott. Alvin’s done for sure. Yeah. I just want the listeners to hear this because like you said earlier, it’s really important for people to [00:40:00] understand. You’re all built a certain way and we all have abilities given to us and they can all be developed now. There are certain things we can’t change. But we can’t make excuses for who we are because God has a potential of who we can become. And even if you’re five, seven or six, seven or four, seven, you max on what you have and be the best you can. That’s right. Yep. So many of us are like Eagles. With our wings clipped, we never really shore quite as high as we could of Anna, and so we’ve got to make sure. Not to be the one to clip our own wings. No, that’s, it totally plays in Yale. What we’re talking about. I didn’t want to interrupt your story, but I remember reading about Scott and I wanted people to understand before you go on what you’re dealing with and what you’re about to explain, right? So we go from doing calisthenics to going for a run, except Scott says, here’s the deal. you know, Seth, that Marine, he goes, why don’t you lead the way for the first 15 minutes? you guys go down that dirt trail away from the ocean out into the wetlands, and then 15 minutes into the run, Bubba, which was me, he goes, why don’t you go ahead and take over and you set the pace? And so we take off on this run. And the whole plan was Scott was going to catch up with us. He just had some gear that he needed to clean up back at the truck. And so he’s got this pull up bar that’s hanging in there and some weights that he had out and some mats that we were using to do, you know, some of the calisthenics on. So I don’t think anything of it. So we’re going for this run and this guy Seth, he is a big brute force Marine. I mean the kind of guy that could probably just plow a door down by swinging the hammer fist at it, you know, which is great, you know, for really taking somebody on face to face. But you know, when it comes to running at a fast pace, that’s not really the body type for that. And at the time I was just wired kid. Yeah, I remember I was skateboarding all the time, a sponsored by vans. I wasn’t a runner. In fact, I didn’t even have running shoes. I think I was running in my Cavalera fives.

I didn’t even know what a difference is. Running shoes with make a, and so I’m just running in my skate shoes and it’s 15 minutes in the run. It’s time for me to take over and up into this point. I mean, I could practically fall asleep at the pace we’re running at. And so 15 minutes into it, it’s time to go. And so I take off and I’m just burning this guy, leaving them in the background and as I’m running and he’s just disappearing into, you know, the rear view mirror of time, I keep running a little bit more. I start to think now that I’m ahead of this Marine it, this Navy seal and I’m running and running and I’m not seeing anyone behind me anymore and I don’t know where I’m supposed to take us. Well, what’s the final destination here? The only structure I have is go run down that dirt trail away from the wet away from the ocean out into the wetlands. And so I’m going off into the unknown. Looking back, where’s this seal? I’m not seeing him. So I started getting this idea in my head. I’m like, maybe, maybe I’m too fast for that Navy seal. He can’t even catch up with me on this run. Very foolish of me to think that because I look over my shoulder again. And it is like a scene out of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Terminator to where that bad guy, they call him the  kill, like morphed into all these different characters. At one point you’ve morphed into a police officer with like knife hands and he’s literally chasing down a vehicle. Well, that’s the Navy seal like this  coming down this trail with the knife hand for me, and I am running as fast as I can. I don’t know if your listeners know this feeling ever, but I mean, I’m running so fast I can’t even spit at the wrong moment because that will be the thing that throws off my whole breathing rhythm. Even though I’m going as fast as I humanly can, this guy is just closing in. He closes that gap. He gets right up to where I am and then he passes me. And then I never saw what was coming next as he got just enough space ahead of me that really plant his feet down and turn around on a dime. He just pivots. He is at a dead stop. I’m coming in full speed and he stops me with his fist going into my stomach. I mean, I just got impaled clothesline, you know, off the ground. I remember that feeling still of just time stopping. As I see sky, my back hasn’t even hit the ground yet. And I’ve got that wind knocked out of me, and then the back hits the ground, this poof of dirt up all around me from this trail, and then he’s jumping on top of me. Like a wild animal ragdoll in me. I mean, he’s got me by my shirt and I hear the threads of my shirt ripping. he’s screaming, I F I feel spit coming out of his mouth, hitting me in the face, in the cheat the forehead. And here’s my thoughts. [00:45:00] Honestly, I’m thinking. Some guy, my dad, bit off the internet. Now he’s caught me on the ground in the wetlands. I’m thinking, you’re mad like this is happening. And so as he’s screaming in my face and I hear these words, he says, you want to be a Navy seal? You better stay three paces behind me. And there was something about that moment, those words right there, that reality, just really, it clicked into gear. I realized if I quit right now, like I’ll forever be a quitter. Though this is, this is for real right now, and the where respond in the following moment is going to affect the trajectory of the rest of my life. And so I just reaffirmed this initial attitude that I started with that die before you quit. And so he gets up, he says it one more time, he says three paces, and he turns, he does not look back. He just takes off. You’re showing no mercy and I’m doing everything I can to stay on his heels. I have never suffered like that in a workout ever again on talking all of shield training that I had ever gone through. I could look back and say, that was by far the most difficult singular workout. I should call it a beat down session. This encounter that I had with this Navy seal, Scott held Winston miles down the trail. You finally circles up. I got noises coming out of me in those teenage years that have never been repeated again as I’m just trying to get right. And he’s looking at me almost like he wants to fight me. I mean, he’s got just these piercing eyes. I don’t know what’s going on. The guy just flattened me out out there in the wetlands, like physically assaulted me, and I don’t know what he’s going to do next. But he’s looking like he wants to fight. And so I’m having this dialogue with myself, like I’m just looking down at the ground, try not to set this guy off, and I’m just kinda looking down thinking, all right, Chad. All right. What’d you get yourself into here? no direct eye contact with that guy. He’s a psycho. you know, just don’t look him in the eyes. Use your peripherals. Just use your peripherals. And as I’m looking around and not looking at him, he breaks us really awkward tension by asking me a simple question you just said is, Hey, if we would’ve gone another mile or two or just stayed with me and it just came out of me, I just told him, Scott, I’ll die before I quit. And I just see this big demeanor change come over him. I mean, he goes from this stern look like he looks like he wants to fight me to this big smile on his face, like he wants to do it again. And so he asked me, he says, great. He goes, do you want to meet up again for the workout tomorrow? And I’m honestly thinking like, are we going to talk about it at all? I’m thinking like, what was a flashback on the trail over there? And of course he hasn’t got to let me know. And so I don’t find out how months later that that was all some big setup. And so I find out months later as I’m sitting down with him, my dad over lunch, that he was on the phone with my dad after that and told them, look, I know that you wanted me to do, and I gave it a go. But. I think your son might have what it takes to make it. I’d like to start working with them. And so from that day forward, I began to meet up with this Navy seal, Scott held Winston, and thankfully it was no longer this beat down session and I was ready for that if it had to be that, you know. But it wasn’t that anymore. It became more of a building up. In fact, I moved on in life from just being Bubba to eventually he would start calling me junior, you know, he really took me under his wing as a, he’s mentoring me. And just really investing into me becoming this sort of like second father figure. And he taught me something about leadership there. it was something that, you know, would be the pattern of leadership in the seal teams. You know, he made a point that, you know, he says, you know, when we’re on that trail. And, and I saw some, some pride, some arrogance in you. And, and I wanted to beat that out of you. And the lesson was, he says in the seal teams, it’s not how it is. You know, there’s humility. It’s humbly, we serve. And what he was getting at was, you know, something that most of the world is familiar with, coined as a servant leadership. but really what is servant leadership when you really come down to it. I think one of the best ways to understand what servant leadership is to is to first contrast it with its opposite. And so the opposite of a servant leader is what? It’s a proud, prideful, arrogant leader. And unfortunately I’d say there’s more of these out there. Then there are the other. And so a proud, arrogant leader that suddenly has the keys, they’re the boss, they dish out the shots, and. People listened to them. Why? Well, only because they have to. Only because that guy outranks me only because that’s the manager. That’s the boss, that’s the CEO. And if I don’t listen, if I don’t do what they want me to do, you know, I could get written up or I could, you know, maybe not be collecting the paycheck at the end of the month, maybe I’ll get [00:50:00] fired. And so what happens is, is that that character. You know, they dish out the orders and people listen to them as they’re barking the orders out, only because they have to listen. And it’s unfortunate, you know, that leaders that there are leaders like this and they don’t start off that way. I know usually they start off from a place of humble beginnings, but somehow along the way, as they arise in position, what creeps in with that position is the pitfalls of pride, and so that’s a prideful, arrogant leader. I think that kind of nailed that one. All right. We all know what that’s like. We’ve all worked with somebody or for somebody, you know, like that. They’re like smoke to the eyes. What’s a servant leader? A servant leader. Great example would be to go back 2000 years ago, and whether you love this man or hate him, there’s one thing you cannot deny about Jesus of Nazareth. He knew how to lead people. And he is what we’ll call a servant leader. In fact, he was very well known for saying, I did not come to be served, but to serve. And so this is purely just a historical analysis. Right now. I’m not adding any religion or any theological implications. Let’s just look at the man. Let’s look at his life, the historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth, this man that says, I didn’t come to be served but to serve. And one of the takeaways is at one point. Most are familiar with that. The time that he got on his hands and knees and he washed his disciples, we can call his subordinates feet. He did this for them as the leader and what came out of that. What came out of that is, you know, here is the disciples. They’re thinking. This is our leader. We should be doing this for him. He shouldn’t be doing these types of things for us. And what ultimately came out of that is something that every leader desperately wants, and it’s something money cannot buy. It’s a loyalty. So much loyalty that when he would later have a task for them, you know, here, I want you to go and spread this message. I want you to risk your lives in the process. Unlike Sona serves a prideful, arrogant leader that only does enough to get by only enough to still collect that paycheck. At the end of the day, they, you’ll always give a leader like that. Your minimum a servant leader, when he asks you to do something, you’re already thinking about, how could I double down on that? How can I exceed what he’s asking of me? How can I go the extra mile for him? Like you just want me to do that, man. I’m going to blow your world. I’m going to do so much more than that because you have loyalty towards them. And so that’s the juxtapose there, you know, between the servant leader and the prideful, arrogant leader. And so Scott is really just impressing upon me very early on that this is what it is in the seal teams, jr it’s, it’s the team first and then your buddy and then me, the, I will always come last. I’m not looking over my own back as I’m entering into a house, I’m covering my buddies back. And I know that even as I’m covering his back, I don’t have to look over my back because he’s covering my back. And so it creates this loyalty, this family dynamic towards one another, and it creates this tight bond. And that’s really, I think, the glue that holds together teamwork. Like everyone’s so interested in the seal teams and the paternity of the teams and the teamwork and everything like that. It’s like, really it’s, it’s hardly team, it’s family. That’s really what it is. Like if you want true teamwork, teamwork to synthesize. It comes through everyone practicing servant leadership esteem in the needs of others as greater than their own, but that has to trickle down from the top. And so it starts with the top. It really flips the pyramid upside down. And so it’s all about the example that you give and, watch out. It creates quite the culture when everyone’s practicing such a thing. It’s loyalty, it’s the family deal, you know? And so man Scott, it’s just, he’s the family deal. He’s, like I said, like a second father. That’s how I looked at him. And so he’s preparing me, investing in the mean, washing my feet as it were. Right? I mean, he’s just, he’s helping me out. And he got me ready. And so I got to a point where I sign up and I got a date. It said I’m going to be shipping off a group camp, and Scott takes this opportunity as he put it to go overseas again. I remember we were just chilling after a workout one day in the pool, and you know, he’s telling me about this opportunity, about how he could go and do this thing with this contracting company, and it’s only a couple months long. It’s, it’s high risk, but it’s high reward. he can make a good amount of money in a very short amount of time, or he could just kind of keep doing what he’s doing and it could take them the better part of the year [00:55:00] to kind of get back on his feet from, some setbacks. And so he is kind of cast in it my way. I don’t know why he was asking my opinion by, he’s like, what do you think guys should do? And so I was four. I was like, I think you should do it, Scott, you know, in, in my eyes, he’s invincible, you know, he’s going to kill so many bad guys and he’s going to come back with the stories about it, you know? And so he decides to do it. And so he gets on the phone with me. And the turnaround was pretty quick. Even though I had already signed up for the Navy, he was going to leave before I’m even leaving for boot camp and so on the phone, he’s telling me, all right, jr I’m about to go do this thing is referring to going into Iraq, and he says, I just want you to know something though that I’ve never told anybody I’ve ever trained before. And so I completely understand that what is going to come next out of his mouth is really going to be a huge value to me. And so he says, I know you’re going to make it. There’s, she’ll training and man, you don’t know how bad I needed to hear that from him because I knew that I was going to make it through training. And he would often talk about how you never know who’s going to make it through training that you could pick out the guy like Barnes and then he’s going to make it, and you could pick out the guy like Alex gone, yay. And think he’s not gonna make it. He says, you’re always surprised. You never know who’s gonna make it. And so I hear him, I’m listening, but I kind of really want to hear it come out of his mouth, but I know you’re going to make it. And he just wouldn’t have say that. He would never, he would never go all in on me, like, you know, and so now I’m hearing it from him junior. I know you’re going to make it through seal training. And so to hear those words from my mentor, that meant the world to me. I could not wait for my opportunity to prove him right. And it gets started on this thing that I always wanted to do. Yeah. And so, you know, we say our goodbyes, he just reminded me of the timeline, how he’s going to be gone for just a couple months. And that’s about the same amount of time that, you know, I’d be a Navy bootcamp. And so, you know, we’re saying our goodbyes and getting off the phone or at Scott, I’ll, I’ll see you when you get back. And so now he’s gone and I just have a handful of days before I actually get going off to bootcamp. And I figure, you know, if I can’t work out on my mentor in person, what’s the next best thing? Well, that would be to. You know, just do some of these workouts we’ve done together in the past. And so just to get on this, speaking a timeline from when you met Scott to this point, how long was that? A little over a year. A little over a year? Yeah. I end up about maybe four or five months into knowing Scott and, once I signed up. It was what’s called the depth program, the delayed entrance program. we didn’t know that there was actually going to be such a delay. it was a seven month waiting list, basically, to get in to go. And so I’m just burning off that waiting list time. And so I’m just days away from going now though Scott doing his thing and I’m waking up one day and we’re going to do a workout and the TV’s on. And as I look over at the TV. I can’t believe what I see because what I see is a picture of Scott smiling and I’m like, what? Like wiping my eyes, like what is Scott doing on TV? And I’m just brainstorming here. I’m thinking he’s supposed to be in Iraq, but he’s on TV all the time. He’s a phenomenal athlete. He’s not only on TV for that man versus beast, like he’s on TV for all kinds of other things. They’re always bringing them on these shows. And so I just. This is 2000 this is 2003, 2004 before smartphones are really in everybody’s hand. We were still blacker days. So it’s not like you woke up to notifications. Right. Not at all. In fact, I still have the phone to this day. Yeah. And, it was one of those really old school, old school phones where. Yeah. If you want to send a text message to somebody, you have to hit like seven, like three times to get a K or whatever. You know, like my point at this was just the fact that when you wake up, this was a primary means of communication. Still, the television is on TV. This is a big deal, right? And so smiling image of Scott, it’s March 14 2004 I’m sorry, March 31st, 2004. And, I look at the bottom of the screen and that’s what I, I see Scott’s birthday followed by a dash March 31st, 2004. And I’m staring at that and I’m trying to process in my mind the logical meaning of that. And it just isn’t making sense to me. And before I could even process like what that means, it switches from this video, from this still image of Scott to video. And now I’m looking at this video where I was just seeing a smiling image and [01:00:00] now I’m looking at video footage of a vehicle burning in the background, which was the vehicle Scott was in, in Fallujah, Iraq, and then it cuts to all of these different scenes, very similar to what groups like ISIS do today, where it’s never enough to just be head some people or set a pilot on fire. They’d like to videotape everything they’re doing. Well, this group of insurgence that it ambushed the vehicle that Scott was in along with three other Americans. They’re videotaping everything that they did, and so I’m watching now. It’s this montage of different clips of the things that they did to Scott and the three others as they ripped their life bodies out of the vehicles. And this anger Rakhi mob just surrounds the bodies with sticks and rods and they’re beating and. Wailing away, doing everything they can to mutilate their bodies. And then they find rope and they wrap it around their legs and they go dragging them through the streets of Fallujah. Like it’s a celebration. Dirt streets as if they’re walking the parade. And then, you know, these pathetic people, they get tired and they can’t drag their bodies anymore. So they hook them up to vehicles. And they go dragging the bodies through the streets of Fallujah behind these vehicles. They arrive at the Euphrates river bridge, string them upside down, suspended in the air, and then set their bodies on fire and they’re chanting over and over in Arabic looking into a camera. They’re chanting for Illusia is the graveyard of Americans. Volusia is the graveyard of Americans. And, I think creatively, needless to say, I’ll never have the words to describe, just what, like, not even just that moment. It’s like all those surrounding days are like, you know, it’s one of those situations where like, it just, it radically changes you as a human being, big time. You know, you don’t go forward. The same person from there. And I heard those words loud and clear. Volusia is the graveyard of Americans. And so amongst the myriad of emotions, I mean, I literally went through it all. You know, a big part of me also wanted to revenge. You know, I became determined that, you know, I’m not going to like back away from doing this. No one’s forcing me to still go in. You know, there actually is like an option out. but I wasn’t going to take that. You know, I became determined that I want to do this, but I want to do it for so much more. I want to do this in honor and memory of my mentor. Like I, I want, I want revenge as well. And so I wrote his name on the inside of my hat after I made it to seal trading. As a constant reminder and a motivation to make it through. I had Scott held instance, so every time things got difficult, when I really need to dig deep, I literally could just look up and to the right and I see Scott held and stint, and I’m telling you, you’d have to kill me before I’d ever quit on that name right there. And so I enter into seal training is called bud Santra basic underwater demolition seal training. It’s a where the, the. Rubber meets the road. It’s not talking about flowers, the buds with the flowers, gentle. It is. I never even thought about it that way. I can’t associate feel anymore. In fact, if anyone ever says, you know, the bud of a flower, I’m just forgetting about flowers and. Going in my mind to buds,

basic underwater demolition seal training. And there’s really not much basic about it, you know, the numbers speak for themselves, you know, out of 173 guys that were in my class by graduation day, there’s what, 13 of that original class number is still standing there. And a man, that graduation day, boy were those instructors right. When they say, look left, look right. Look at the guy in front of you, behind you. And there were more than right. You know, the attrition rate in that class was insane. In fact, they stopped doing, we had a wintertime hell week. They stopped doing February hell weeks for like half a decade, if not longer. Like after us. They just didn’t do them anymore because it just how devastating it was, you know, to the class, which, looking back on it, I’m happy I got that experience. I’m happy that I got a class. That was so gnarly and how weak that they’re like, we got to tone this down. You know, there’s some bragging rights right there, right. As opposed to being in a summertime class where you got pool temperature, water, you know, it’s like, yeah, man, we got the worst the ocean had to offer. It’s the worst month out of the year, and I think one of the, the second or third week of February is traditionally the coldest week out of the year. She got the coldest month and within the coldest weeks. Right there. Amen. That’s something to be proud of. Convention relations. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s one of those things looking back on it and, I think that we need [01:05:00] to caution everybody here in terms of like, whatever it is that you are setting your sights on, whatever it is, it’s in your crosshairs. Don’t make that the thing that is your reason for living. So while it does take a pretty healthy. Obsession and passion and desire to accomplish whatever it is you’re going after. Just make sure it’s not the preeminent most important thing in your life because watch out because now you’re basing your life, your identity, your existence office, something that can all be taken away from you, or at least you could all fall apart. And that is true on so many different levels in terms of whatever your occupation is in terms of whatever it is you do as a hobby, whoever you are in front of your friends. It’s true when it comes to your family, like don’t put that type of responsibility or pressure on a spouse or on your children. While it’s, I mean, family, man, I’ll die for my family, right? But you gotta be careful. You can’t put that type of pressure on your wife or on your kids because they can’t live up to that for you. They will let you down at some point. And so when you are let down, what does that mean? Does your whole world come crashing down? And so we’ve gotta be careful about wherever it is that we place, like our ultimate value. And for me. I placed my ultimate value in that identity becoming a seal. And I got it. And you know what? I learned very soon after I went from the highest high and it didn’t take more than 24 hours before I started experiencing what I felt like with some of the lowest lows. And I couldn’t wrap my mind around why at the time. But everything. Did just seem to go on this downward trend. I felt like my life was circling a drain from that point forward and I couldn’t wrap my mind around why at the time. I mean, I just achieve what I thought was going to deliver the ultimate, I did this an honor and memory of my mentor. This is that thing in that parking lot and the junior college where I’m thinking this would really turn my life around and here I am on there and I didn’t enjoy it for more than 24 hours before. I felt like I was the same person I always was, but far worse. I now have no hope because there’s something about hope. What is hope? You know? It’s been said. It’s hope could be described in the very word. Hope is an acronym. It’s holding on with patient expectation. It’s how you get to tomorrow. It’s the belief that I have an expectation. I’ll hold on because when I get to that place. Like, there’ll be rest when I get to that place, there’ll be deliverance, there’ll be fulfillment. So I could make it through the Valley right now. Cause eventually I’m going to get to that peak. And that, that peak is what it’s all about. It’s what life is, is worth living for. Well, I got, I got to my peak and I quickly realized it didn’t deliver like I thought it would, but far worse than the. Previous state that I was in, at least before I had hope, at least before I thought, I really don’t like my life and how it is, but when I become a Navy seal, that’s when everything would really come together. That’s when I’ll suddenly become, I dunno, like enlightened, that’ll have some type of fulfillment, this sense of accomplishment, this like I could live off of that for the rest of my life. And I quickly learned the truth of these words spoken by Christian philosopher, Ravi Zacharias. He says, one of the loneliest moments I’m man will ever experience is when he’s achieved that which he thought would deliver the ultimate. And in the end it lets them down. What is your feeling too right there? Something I believe every listeners familiar with, at least to some degree, it’s that human condition. That whole idea of the grass is always greener on the other side, not really a content satisfied, fulfilled where we’re at. What do you want? I just want a little bit more, and so we buy into this belief that if I could just get to this. Goal over here, this status change over there. Maybe a certain salary or maybe what you feel like you need is a serious relationship. You got that. And so maybe what we need in our life is some kids and so you just keep moving the bar buying into this belief that if I could just get to that achievement, whatever that is, my target and my crosshairs here, if I could just get to that place, I’ll be satisfied. And what happens is you get to that place and you are satisfied. But not for very long. The satisfaction doesn’t last. What happens is you, you got to eat up that thing that you were desiring. You were full for a little bit, but you get hungry all over again. So what do you do? You don’t panic here. You raise the bar, you just go, you know what? The reason this didn’t [01:10:00] deliver the way that I expected it to is because I didn’t go for something big enough. And so if I really want it to be like a lasting success and fulfillment, I’ve got to raise that bar. I got to go to the next rung of the ladder. So that’s what you do. Now you’re, you’re raising your sights, you’re looking a little higher, and now you’ve got that new thing in your crosshairs and you are at, you are thirsting after you want it so bad. You got the passion, you got the desire, and you get there and you drink it up and you’re satisfied just like you thought you would be. But what happens? It’s like a vicious cycle. You just get hungry and thirsty all over again and seemingly there just, there’s no end. But that’s the catch. And that is the whole point to that quote is that there is an endpoint. See the big question is this. What happens when you finally arrived at a place where you no longer, like all the previous times before can say, Oh, I know what I’ll do. I’ll just raise the bar. I’ll go to that next rung of the ladder. No, you can’t do that this time. Why? Because you’re at the last rung of the ladder. You can’t say, well, I’ll just go up from here because you’re at the peak of the mountain. There’s no more elevation to climb. And yet you’re still hungry and thirsty for more, but far worse than all the other times before because there is no next. This is something that everyone listening sees all the time going on in the lives of the people that you watch, the idols, the rock stars, the movie stars, the professional athletes that have climbed to the top, and they have everything that this world has to offer. They’ve got all the fame, they got all the fortune and what do you see going on in their lives? Their lives are falling apart. They’re destroying their own lives with drugs and alcohol. They have dream jobs, getting to go to parts unknown and get paid for it, and he’s taking his own life and we are just like, why? I don’t get it? Just I need an answer. Why? I mean, don’t you realize you have everything everyone else could ever dream of? Don’t you know what people would trade to be in your shoes, and yet they’re just throwing it all away and destroying it. Well, maybe, maybe to be in their shoes and have everything that the world has to offer isn’t really all that it’s cracked up to be. And we hate to believe that. You know, that’s, I believe that we don’t want to buy into, we’re in America. That pursuit of happiness that you get to achieve your dreams and your goals and have this fulfillment and happiness. You know, but these people experience. I think what Jesus says, he says, what’s it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but in the end loses his soul. Think about that. What is it to you? If you literally gain all you could ever dream of going after in the world, you’ve got the whole world, but your soul is messed up, man. It’s not right with its creator. And so I guess you could say for me, becoming a seal, that was my version of gaining the whole world. The problem was my soul was not oriented correctly at that time. I didn’t have a right relationship with the creator. And I’ll just tell everyone listening right now, then, if you don’t have peace with God, don’t expect to have any peace while you’re living here on earth. And so I have no peace and I’m on a team, but I’m, you know, I’m just kind of. Put on a front in front of everybody, you know, and this isn’t an experience that is unique only to me. I’ve talked to so many other fields that have had the same experience, and I’ve seen so many other professional, like athletes talk about this same experience. so I’m just kind of putting on a front though. All right. I’ve got my family. Think that, go ahead. Hold on. I’m gonna say, I think all of our listeners can relate to this because. Obviously you are 1% of 1% that’s in the elite status. You’re in at the top, but even in the quote unquote average person’s life, they have goals they’ve set up and they’re like, this will make me happy. This will bring you fulfillment. This will bring me peace. And then they hit it and they’re either not even at that point, focused on that goal anymore, or I moved on to the next goal. Or they get there and they have this, that depression that let down that, what did I really work for? You know, I just work, I personally, a midlife crisis is, is because our system is so broken. we are born, we go to school as a child and we’re taught go eight to three. Then when you’re done, come home and do four hours or homeworks are basically programming our kids to be inefficient. Workaholics. Then they get out of school and they go right to college. We’re not. Everybody’s made for college and they get right out of college. They have kids, they get jobs, they get bills. So they go to work, and by the time they get the slow down, they’re 45 50 years old. And then looking back at my life, well, what did I just really live for? [01:15:00] So I think everybody listening, this is great advice you’re given. We can all connect with this maybe to not the same degree, but it’s that same foundational principles. So thank you for really expounding on this. Yeah. The way I look at it is, you know, my dad has always been great at giving really good advice. It’s for so many years. I just didn’t listen to it. Right. Eventually I kind of caught on and realized, you know, all those things that he kind of predicted or, you know, told me like certain routes to go or not go. He ended up being right a lot of those times, and unfortunately I didn’t just listen, I didn’t take the advice or the shortcut. I did it my own way. I did it the hard way. And, eventually I began to learn like how about I just take the advice, the shortcut in life, right? And so that’s one way to think about this is just don’t learn this the hard way. Take the shortcut, right? You’ll be farther ahead in the end than so many other people. And so it’s an opportunity to stand on my shoulders and other shoulders right now to get a little extra ahead in life. And so. I think that Jesus put it really well when he says, look it, there’s so many things that the world has to worry about and seek after. But he says, don’t worry about your life. Don’t worry about the things that you eat, the things that you all wear. He says, look at the whole world has these worries. He says, seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you. So in other words, like C S Lewis, he says, look, if you just EEM earthly success and pleasure. It’s likely that you’ll miss, but if your aim instead, is that heaven, right? Seeking the righteousness of God or right relationship with your creator, you’ll, you’ll hit and you get earth thrown in. Earth is like the bonus then. Right? And so if you aim at earth, you’ll miss. If you aim at heaven, you’ll hit and you get earth thrown in. And so I’m on this team and I’m putting on the front, you know, like I really got it together when I don’t, it just leads to a desire to not feel the way that I felt. And so what would get me to escape that feeling sometimes was just focusing on the work. but if we weren’t working, sometimes it’s just working out really hard and other times the escape would be drinking and going out and party and cutting loose with the guys. But it seemed like that one, even though I knew it backfired, I would take the backfire. You know, it’s like a night of drinking. Yeah. That might kind of wipe your brain for a little while. It might make it numb to things, but it’s going to come with a hangover the next day. And it just messes you up chemically, you know, moving forward. but, you know, that’s what I kind of felt, found myself in. It’s this vicious cycle of going out, drinking, cutting loose with the guys, doing a lot of foolish stuff, being really risky. you know, having people that care about me, confronting me, saying like, what are you doing man? You’re the seal, you know, but you’re out there acting like a fool. And you’re going to get yourself killed or somebody else killed. And I didn’t have a lot of remorse. All I really looked forward to is maybe deploying, which was like a year away from doing, you know, I get put on a team that, you know, we had a lot of workup to do before we got to go deploy. And so, you know, my, everything came to a head one night where I went out drinking with some of the guys and blacked out and needed to get 26 stitches on my knuckles for punching the thing. I don’t even remember. And, I wish I could tell you that I had remorse at that point, but that still wasn’t the rock bottom. It wasn’t the wake up call for me. but I found myself agreeing to go to this event just to get the family off my back, you know, cause they’re like really concerned about me. And so I was like, Oh, I’ll just suffer through this thing. It’s an evening event where this guy, Greg Laurie is going to be speaking and you know, like a punch my card in at church. I hadn’t been in a while. And. You know, it’ll be over before I even really want to start my night. I’m not even going to be drinking til 10 or 11 anyways. And so I agree to go, let’s go. So we go and he speak in that night and he brings up this story about this soldier by the name of Neiman and a name, and this, this incredible commander. He’s had great success in battle. He’s got this entourage of men that highly respect him. He’s highly regarded, Name is mighty man of Valor. Sounds like the guy could have been a seal had there been such a thing during his time, mighty man of Valor, but he was a leper. And leprosy during the time of naming a was a skin disease that met certain death. So, so much for all that success, you know so much for this outward man. This persona, when in reality was the truth. What’s really going on underneath that leprosy? I mean underneath that armor, [01:20:00] what’s really going on underneath all that clothing is leprosy. He’s falling apart. He’s a dead man walking while quickly. I really would, that man right there because I felt like, you know, I am this certain man on the outside in front of my family members in front of, you know, coworkers and friends. I’m wearing the armor of naming. but in reality, underneath it all. I feel like I’m deteriorating. I’m falling apart. I feel like this leper, I feel like there’s dead man walking. So I find myself relating with naming, and I’m sure many people listening right now can find themselves red leading with that person. Because really, when you think about it, who are you like, who are you on the outside in front of coworkers and family members and friends. what kind of armor are you putting on? When in reality, there’s some other issues going on underneath it all. And so I’m listening to the name and story. I’m looking for what’s going on here. And so name and no doubt about it. And he’s tried everything he could possibly try, to rid himself of this leprosy. But this is the impossible. In fact, Jesus looking back says nobody during the time that Naman had ever been healed. Of leprosy, but he hears about this man that serves the God of Israel, and he’s told like, he will heal you of your leprosy. And so he decides like, I got to give this a try. I’m going to give it a go. And so in order for him to go, it’s 150 mile trip. And he’s going to be bringing horses and chariots and it’s enemy occupied territory that is going into, and he needs approval from his King. And so his King tells him, you know, I’m going to send a letter with you on your behalf, like you absolutely have my approval. And so he’s going with this letter and he’s bringing this equivalent of millions upon millions of dollars in gold, silver apparel. He’s prepared to pay this guy off. Do whatever you gotta do. Just give me my life back. And so he gets all the way there. 150 mile trip gets there to the door, and the guy won’t even come to the door. He winds up sending a servant to the door to relay this message. He just gets told if you’d go dip yourself from the Jordan river seven times, when you come up, your flesh will be restored to you. You will be clean. but name his response. He was furious. I mean, he just came all this way with all of his men and this guy doesn’t even give him the courtesy of a face to face conversation. And then he basically tells him, go try and wash it off. And so he’s so mad. He turns and he’s leaving in a rage and he’s venting out loud saying exactly what it expectation was that he thought this guy was going to come out, wave his hand over the place, calling the name of the Lord his God, basically put on some big, great show and strike this leprosy away. Then a city gets treated like a normal, and it infuriates him. So as he’s leaving in this rage, and if he continues to leave and never turns around, he will die. This’ll be the end of him. He’ll die in his leprosy. Here’s the cool part, is that he was surrounded by some men that really care about him, and they’re looking out for him and they’re, they’re pleading with them. They’re saying name, and come on, look, you know, if this guy, when it came out, gave you some big great thing to do, you would’ve done it. And so. He thinks about it and he decides, okay, I’ll do it, and he’s about to do it. I think is by far the most difficult thing for any one of us to do. He is about to humble himself. He is about to take that pride, that ego, and just strip it away and show some humility. As he strips away that armor, he’s stripping away what needed to go all along the pride, and he makes his way out into that water, dipping himself seven times. I think really getting it now that. It’s not the water that’s going to fix me. It’s if I’m faithful, the God of Israel will be faithful and he will do all the heavy lifting. And so he dips himself. These seven times comes up seventh time in the literal language in the Hebrew says that he had brand new skin like that of a baby. And so I find myself just captivated. It’s like watching a movie and then it shifts. It goes from the , from Naman to it gets personal. You know, just as God provide a way out for name, and he’s provided a way out for you and I as well. But first we have to understand their condition. So remember who name and was he had this sort of persona. He had this armor that he wears. It’s all at the sod underneath it all. He’s deteriorating. He’s falling apart. He’s a dead man walking. What kind of facade are you putting on. What kind of exterior do you walk around with when in reality, underneath it all, you have a disease that is destroying you. Just like naming, was this dead man walking? Our disease is not leprosy. It’s sin positive. It’s sin and the wages of sin is death. And there’s nothing we can do to cleanse ourselves of our own sin. We can’t wash it off, just like name and couldn’t wash off his leprosy. A, we’re desperate, but guess what? God provided a [01:25:00] way out and it doesn’t come in the form of dipping ourselves into the Jordan river. What happened was this, God dipped his son as Jesus down into the world on a rescue mission. You could call it a hostage rescue mission. And he lived this life, this life that was perfect. It was a life that you and I have not and could not ever live if we’re being honest. So the leprosy, remember, is a picture of something. What is it a picture of? It’s a picture of our sin spiritually. Speaking of we’re honest, we were all spotted and blotted and blemish with sin, but Jesus, he lived the perfect life. He was spotless. He was without any blemish. And then it goes to the cross. Why did he go to the cross? He went to the cross to trade skin with you and I. That’s the picture right there. He traded skin with you and I. He took our leprosy, our sin, as it were upon himself, and he died in our place and paid that penalty so that we could be lavished with God’s grace and his mercy. Not only did he step in to pay the penalty of our sin in full at the cross. But God Rose him again from the dead three days later showing that he has not only power over sin, but he has power over death, that not even the grave can hold him down. And this is the hope of Christianity, that though a man shall die, he shall live. That my life could literally fall apart. You could take everything away from me here on earth. My existence is not based upon things that can be taken away from me or destroyed. It’s based upon something that cannot be taken or destroyed. It’s everlasting life. I can overcome that grave. So it’s not about your best life now here on earth. In fact, the moment you decide you’re going to become a Christian in this life, you will have trouble. That’s what Jesus says. The Bible also says all those, that desire to live a godly life will endure persecution. And so you don’t become a Christian to get a cushy life. You know, once you become a Christian, Christianity is not a playground. It’s a battleground. Like now life just got more complex. Why will? Because before you are in a place where the enemy never saw you as a threat, and so he wasn’t probably taken too many pop shots at you. But suddenly now that you’ve traded teams or you’ve put on the armor of God and you show that you’re a willing and able soldier, did you actually want to engage in this spiritual battle that’s going on right now? Or you’re going to the front lines, and that’s where things get messy. So a lot of people that never experienced any kind of resistance or difficulty with their Christianity, oftentimes it’s because they’re no threat to the enemy. You know, they’re, they’re not really doing anything for God. And so how do you receive this gift that Jesus offers you? There’s like name and you needed a different self seven times. It wasn’t, the act of dipping himself seven times. It wasn’t like the work that earned him, you know, a healing. What it was, is that he showed his faithfulness to God, and if he was faithful, he had that faith that God, the God of Israel would come through. Then God did the work. He did all the heavy lifting, you know, by cleansing him of that leprosy. In a similar way, we are to declare our faith in Jesus as a certain person, as our savior, that we trust. God, you know that you are the one that can save me from my sin and you are my Lord. And so as savior and Lord, he saves you from sin. And Lord, here’s a good way to think about Lord. He’s like the, assault leader. He’s the shot caller. He’s the one that informs you which direction to go, how you ought to shoot, move, and communicate. You know what the rest of the team, that’s who the Lord is. here on earth. God informs you how you ought to look at things and think about things and how you want to. Actually do life. And we’ve got quite the manual, the quite the standard operating procedure manual, quite the tactics manual. It’s called the Bible, you know, which, ironically this isn’t what it actually means, but a good acronym for Bible would be basic instructions before leaving earth. You could never outdo those instructions. It’ll leave you fully equipped and ready for every good work. Let me ask you a question. Do you mind if I ask you a question, please? We have, we have listeners now who believe in God and we have listeners who don’t, and hopefully by this point they’re [01:30:00] seeing that the truth is you’re bringing out the lessons. Aim small, Ms.

Small. We need to be a common man with uncommon desires to serve humbly, to have that whole, you know, the holding on with the patient expectation. Those are universal truths. So for someone listening now, who doesn’t believe God doesn’t believe a Bible, and you’ve said, what is the truth when we become a Christian life can get more complicated and it usually does. Why would someone want to become a person if life’s just going to get harder because of hope? You’re holding on with patient expectations. So even the Bible acknowledges that sin is enjoyable for a season. It’s fun for a season. You want to run around and go get drunk. Sure. That’s fun for a little while. You want to go run around and you know, hop in bed with a bunch of other people. Assurance fun for a little while, but. It comes with consequences on the other side, right? It comes with the hangover, and in this case there’s a turtle hangover that’s waiting on the other end, and so it’s enjoyable for a little bit to play around in the world. Why become a Christian was answered in when I said, this is what it is to be a Christian. The hope of over coming the grave. It’s a so many people have it wrong because they think that Christianity, that you become a Christian because you don’t like the way that your life is going right now, and you just want to turn a new leaf. You need to get a new start, another take at life. And now you’re really hoping that what God will do if we could just get God on your side, that you’ll begin to really help your startup get going. And he’ll breathe life into all your dreams. So many people turn their back on Christianity after trying it out because they tried it out for the wrong reasons. They thought that Christianity becoming a Christian was about your best life now. But if you just look, I mean, we care about the truth. And in Christianity, one of the great things about Christianity, this isn’t just some religion, right? Full of just a bunch of Proverbs, like it’s literally historical. Christianity is a story, and if you look at all of the early Christians, they became Christians understanding that I’m going to lose my life here, but I gain it in eternity. In fact, Jesus says that, and so many people don’t know. It says he who desires to save his life. Meaning you’re really going to try and grab onto this life and you care about your affairs of this life. He who tries to save his life. He says, you’ll lose it, but he who loses his life. In other words, sacrifices you become a living sacrifice just as he sacrificed himself on the cross, where to be a living sacrifice, to continually to deny ourselves of our own personal once gains and desires. Whoever loses his life for my sake, he will find it. And so it’s all inverted. On its head. And so the reason you become a Christian is number one, to be forgiven of your sin because sin is violating God’s law. And when you violate God’s law, you, there’s a punishment, there’s a wage for it. The wages of sin is death. And that’s not just a mere physical death. The Bible is very clear. It’s appointed once for man to die, and then comes the judgment that death is what the Bible refers to in revelation 21 as the second death, which is the Lake of fire, which is hell. So if you violate God’s law, you will go to his place of eternal punishment. Is prison called hell? Nobody wants that, but nobody could pay the fee to get themselves out. Nobody wants to die of leprosy, but nobody can cleanse himself of their own leprosy. So what did God do when he sent his son down into the world to fulfill the requirements that we can fulfill and he died in our place. And so Jesus, we call him savior because he saves you from your sin. We can save you from your, I mean there, there are other things that as a consequence will happen, but people got it wrong. They think he saved me from my misery, saves me from my loneliness, saves me from my problems. Yes and no. You know, there are Christians that are lonely. There are Christians that are going through difficult times, you know, but they said, don’t do this alone. I do it with him. You know, Jesus says that you will never be alone. I am with you always, even to the end of the age. And so you attack those problems differently. But those are all peripheral issues. The [01:35:00] primary issue is you are a human being that was created for a purpose to know your creator. If you don’t know your creator, you will not really know what it is. A piece here on earth, you are made to know him and to make him known. And if you’re spending your life doing anything else, you’re constantly missing the Mark. It’s like a cell phone, right? We’re talking about phones. A smartphone was made, made to operate and function a certain way. If you try and use it outside of its original intent of the designer, it’s probably going to be destructive towards it. Like cell phones or for talking on or sending text messages for looking things up on the web. What does it not for? It’s not for using it as a shovel in the backyard. It’s not for using as a doorstop. What happens if I use it outside of its original intent and design. well, if you use it outside of what the manufacturer intended you to use it for, like as a doorstop or as a shovel, Oh, well that’s going to be destructive to it. It’s going to be destructive when a very similar way. That’s our we are assuming means we are made and there’s a manufacturer, God who designed us to operate a certain way. They stick basically, we operate on him. But if we go outside of that and we try and do things our own way. That’s like taking our little life and throwing it under the doorstop. It’s, it’s, it’s destructive. And so, so many people, you know, they, they know, you know what it is to experience that destruction. And so God has come to restore us though. And so that’s what I would say to someone

physically tough. You’re mentally tough. You could probably set your mind to do anything. Even when you were younger. Like you said, you were excellent baseball player. You’re an excellent skateboarder. You had the sponsorship from vans. You are competing really, even though you’ve lost interest, everything you’ve done, you’ve had successes. You’ve experienced though the let down from those things, but you found this fulfillment in Christ. And again, there’s listeners out there who completely get it, but then there’s also listeners out there who are just like, why? Like why would this guy do that? If you have the ability to go and make a ton of money and to be famous and to, you know, be back in the CEO’s and BPO, even the elite, why wouldn’t you do that? Because like you mentioned, we all have a life and there is a turning so. What does an attorney look like? I mean, if you’re a Christian, if you’re home for, she wants a turn. Well, everyone is the eternal creature and we will spend eternity in one of two places, either heaven or hell. I don’t think anyone wants to go to hell, but sometimes I think that people decide. That, they’re willing to gamble or risk it and roll the dice here on, on earth in life. And, here’s the deal. Hell is not going to be an enjoyable place. Jesus was pretty clear. It’s a place where guilty people go. People that have violated God’s law is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth where the worm does not die. The fire’s not quenched. It’s a place of. Agony. It’s the type of place that you expect Hitler to be child molesters and rapists. That’s not the type of company most people like to keep. Some people think they’re going to be partying and hell if they’re partying with the, you know, those types of people. I guess that’s a party for you, right? And so hell is a place of punishment. And it was never designed for human beings. That was not the original intent behind it. It was for Satan and all of his demons. what’s heaven. Heaven is perfect communion, perfect relationship with the God who made you. And it’s the greatest conceivable place. And so whatever it is in your mind that you think is the greatest conceivable place to be, it exceeds that. And so we’re eternal creatures. We will spend eternity in one of two places, either heaven or hell. God did all the work to make that door open to us so that we could go to heaven. That’s why Jesus says, I am the way, the truth, the life. That’s why he says, I am the door. but at the same time, God has placed the ball in our court. And it gives us that opportunity because he doesn’t want to force anybody to go to heaven. That would be miserable to be in a heaven and be in a place or where you’re with a God that you want nothing to do with. And so if you don’t want anything to do with God, he’ll grant you your wish. C S Lewis, he says the Gates of hell are locked from the inside. That those that go there, they choose it. They don’t like it to do with God. And so really it comes down to two forms of love. [01:40:00] Does your love for God out well, your love for Santa and you’ll part from it. What is your love for outweigh your love for God? And you say, I’m sticking with it, and let me ask you another question. A lot of people see us, or while we’re going to create us and and destined us to hell his, I look at that and I think, I mean, I know the answer now as a Christian that isn’t ever been God designed, that has never been gone to both. He loves us and because he goes mobile as he sent Jesus. And that juice, like you said, is the door is the way. Okay, well, God doesn’t want anyone going to hell in his word. He says that he’s not willing that any should perish, but all should come to everlasting life. Here’s the thing. All right, Chad, me a little bit of technical difficulties. Go ahead and continue. Right? So we’re talking about why would God make human beings when he knows that, you know, ultimately. You know, a lot of them will wind up going to hell because they’re going to choose to stand in and choose to not turn to him. well, it very well could be that because God made free creatures, he cannot force us to make certain decisions, and so he’s decided to create us. The greatest gift that he’s given us is. Freedom, and unfortunately, so many of us use that freedom. Instead of doing good, we do evil, and so we turn against God, we turn our back on God, we shake our fist up at God, and he has done I think above and beyond the call of duty. You know where here we are. We’ve turned our back on him. We’ve sinned against him, we’ve violated his law. And so he sent his son down into the world on a rescue mission. He performed the greatest act of love. Greater love has no one than this one that lays on his life for his friends. And so he laid out his life so that we could be rescued, but still people refuse it. People reject it, and so nobody could ever throw blame at the feet of God and saying, God, I’m going to help because you know you made me live this way. At the end of it all, every man will be without excuse. They are going to have to admit that they are going to hell because. They turn their back on God and they never turned towards him. Even though God threw a rescue line out there, a rescue were his, his son to try and save them. And so C S Lewis, he says, the Gates of hell are locked from the inside. That those that go there, they choose it. It’s what their choice is. And it really comes down to two different forms of love. Does your love for God outweigh your love for sin? And you say, I’m read apart from that and I want that relationship with my maker. Or do you say, you know what, my love for sin outweighs my love for God and I choose sin over him? Well, he made you a free creature and he’ll grant you whatever it is you know that you wish. Yeah, absolutely. I agree. And the thing is, if we had a disease, whether it’s pulley or tuberculosis or Mercer, we’d go to the doctor, the physician, and get the drug. That works for fat disease and people can come up with a lot of solutions, but there’s only one that works. And that’s Jesus and, for the eternal solution of our sin. So I really thank you very much, Chad, for talking about this. like I said, a lot of people will mention they’re Christians and they’re excited to hear your stories. And a lot of people though, came in, they’re also hearing the seal story. They had no idea about. Your, your faith. so this is definitely the most evangelist stick episode we’ve had, but I really thank you for that. cause honestly that’s what the whole thing is that help each other grow. To come to know Christ, to glorify God and to, do this journey together. You know, people will talk about the great commission, go ye therefore, and teach all nations, but it’s not the great mission. It’s not alone. It’s a great coalition. It’s together. So I really appreciate it, brother. Be in here. your book covers your story and I know we’ve gone long and I’m okay with that, but I don’t want to monopolize your time either. Anything else you want to hit on in your story before we get to where you are today? No, I’m pretty satisfied with that. So you get out of the seals and you, and that’s a whole miracle in itself. If you want to touch on that, you can or just start where you’re at today. So once I got out, really, it was while I was in, I already knew what the next mission was going to be. So in one sense, you know, I’m, I’m in the military, I’m a, you know, this frogman, this Navy seal, the sailor out there and that combat field. And I realized that the next mission is to be a soldier. For Christ. And so you talked about the commission, the great [01:45:00] commission. Well, if you think about it, Navy seals are given a commission, which is a duty and a task by definition. And usually that’s to go after evil men and to sabotage their plans of committing evil of doing wrong. And so we have weapons, we have tactics, we have a certain skillset in order to sabotage the plans, an enemy. And if for successful, we stop men like suicide bombers when a very similar way, spiritually speaking, we are up against the ultimate terrorist, the ultimate suicide bomber. And I’m referring to Satan is the ultimate terrorist and ultimate suicide bomber. Because just like any terrorist, his mode of operation as he wants to steal, kill, and destroy. And like a suicide bomber. he understands he’s going down and as suicide bombers never content with just going down. What do they want to do? They want to take out as many people with them as they possibly can in the process. Well, Satan knows he’s going down and if you read the back of the book, you’ll know he’s going down. And what is he trying to do? He’s not content with just that. He wants to take out as many people with them as he possibly can. And the process and we need to make that person or that’s our family member of our friends and our coworkers, but God has commissioned his special forces. That’s every card carrying Christian and we’re supposed to sabotage the plans of that terrorist and how do we do that? We foil his plans by spreading a weaponized message. That message is the gospel and it’s weaponized because. It’s the power of God unto salvation. It sets captive people free. It causes people that are in the cross hairs of God’s judgment and caught in the middle of this suicide bomb that’s going off. The shrapnel fired out there by Satan. It covers them. It protects them. And so God has his special forces like you and I, he’s given us the weapon and we’re to deliver it. And so that’s what I’m doing today is, I spend the majority of my time thinking about these issues and, and actually, you know, going out there and communicating the gospel, whether that be in, you know, very large group settings, sometimes speaking to thousands of people at once too. You know, the opportunities that I get in the airport or just going about daily living, and meeting my fellow men. That’s the purpose of life is to know God. And then if you have that check in the box, you have that box covered, then do what? Make him known. So it’s to know God and make him known. That is our mission in life. So I am. By an end of that, you know, hook, line, and sinker. I love those words by CS Lewis that I keep bringing up sabotage because he says, enemy occupied territory. That is what this world is. But Christianity is the story of how our rightful King has landed, you might say in disguise, and now he’s calling us all to take part in his great campaign of sabotage. That campaign is sabotage, is destroying the plans of the enemy of our soul. And so taking part of campaign a sabotage really resonates with me. And, I think that perhaps it would resonate with a lot of the listeners as well. Absolutely. And you bring, I want to touch back on a point you made earlier in our conversation and a comment you made on page three of your book. And it was regarding, breaking the habits cause you just don’t want sabotage. And it’s not always an external force that sabotage. Sometimes whether it’s a thought put in our head or our own negative thoughts, we self sabotage. And on page three of that book right off the bat, you’ve said something, you said, I had her, whatever. At this point in your life, I had however, developed a habit of stopping myself. How would you talk to the listeners? How do you overcome that practically? There’s so many people, myself included, where we’ve been passionate and exciting, and we had a goal and we start working towards it and then we quit. How do you handle that? I think that whatever it is, you start just like, if you’re going to build a home, you know, Jesus makes a good point. He says, I, you know, any builder before he starts this construction for, she’ll count the cost. You know, you don’t want to start building a home and realize after you got the foundation laid, and maybe you’re starting to put up some of the walls that you don’t got enough in ya, you know, to. Afford to put the rest of this together and so in [01:50:00] advance, you know, once you have your target in mind, count the cost. Consider how bad do you really want this? Are you really willing to put in the effort and the work? Are you really that common man with that uncommon desire when it comes to this to achieve it? You might want to go achieve something that I have no desire to do, and so you could do it, but I can’t. You know, and the other way, you know, like I might have a desire to go and accomplish something that somebody else has no desire to do. And so it’s all about that desire that’s going to be the fuel that really burns you, that really moves you forward. And then it’s the ability to have that self-talk inside of your head. You have to have that self dialogue, that conversation, and you never let. That self sabotage taught. Enter into your head like you just don’t let it have the microphone. It doesn’t get to spend much time there, I suppose. It comes in, it comes in, boom. You’ve got this terrible thought right now. January Ian’s is working towards a goal. You hear negative self talk once your response, you’re so, yeah, sure. Well, this is why I think about, you know, it’s been said that you can’t stop the birds from flying over your head. But you can’t keep them from nesting in your hair. And that’s how those thoughts are, right? I can’t just say, I’ll never have a bad thought, you know, it’ll fly over my head, but I’m not going to let it make its home. I’m not gonna let it nest itself there. And so you just reversed the thought, you know, instead of like, you know, thoughts of bitterness or bath, you think about thoughts of like, think thankfulness. And, and charity, right? Like it’s, it’s all about that thought life, what it is that you’re thinking about. Set your mind on things above, not on things below. That’s what the scripture tells you over and over. And the more time you spend in that place thinking about those things, meditating and focusing on the good, you saturate yourself with it. You so saturates yourself with the right type of thinking that it literally begins to change the way that you think naturally and the way that you look at things. And so the same way, if you’re going to go to a fire pit or barbecue and you go into one of those barbecue houses, you spend enough time in there and that aroma eventually begins to kind of rub off on you. It becomes a pardon so that you could go somewhere else hours later. And you go walking in the room and people get a whiff of you. They know where you’ve been, right. They do, but they don’t, they smell something on, yeah. And they’re like, where have you been? Right. Just cause it rubbed off on you. And so in a very similar way, that’s how our thought life is, you know, for the better, for the worse, you know, it could be, an aroma on the life or an aroma on your death, you know, but you ultimately are the. Controller, right? You control that your field, and you can’t stop those birds from coasting over your head, but you can certainly keep them from nesting in there. And this is a great example how, again, people who are listening to this, maybe Christians, people who are listening, this may not be Christians yet. But the principles of success, all truth comes from God and they’re the same. So even if you don’t believe it, maybe it comes from God or is a God. I always think in the book how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie based on his writing. He said his parents were Persians, but he didn’t believe. From the world’s perspective. That’s one of the greatest books ever written on communication. And when I read it personally, I like to read it once a year. It’s a fantastic book, but as I read through it, I think it’s, you know, one of the top 10 if not the top five most ever printed books in the most languages, but every principal, Dale Carnegie mates, you can tie back to scripture and verse. And that’s whereas before I trusted Christ, that was one of the things that helped me believe is I could see that all truth really did come from God and that Bible and what you were just saying as a man think it’s so as he, and there’s another verse that says, you know, commit that works unto the Lord, and I thought shall be established. And people listening out with depression or dealing with that kind of issue or anything. Exactly what you said, Chad. Just do it. Just forget the negative self talk, forget the lies and do it. So if you’re sitting there, depressors sitting there in a rut, but you know what you should be doing, go do it. And when you do those works, when you convince yourself to do them, then it literally changes your mindset and you desire that and you have joy and peace. So I’m loving what you’re saying. I mean, it’s, it’s dead on. I think it’s gonna really help people and resonate with them. Well. One more question if you don’t mind. You’re okay with that. Your [01:55:00] mindset is definitely different than the average bear in the sense of you have that goal driven focus. You have that not flip mentality and it’s to the extreme in a good way. When you were growing up. Did you always feel like there was something special in your life, or did you think, I’m just an average guy? What, what kind of mindset did you grow up with? That’s a good question. I think that I had a very optimistic mind. I almost had like the feeling like, you know, that I was meant to do something special. And I think all of us are meant to do something, you know, special. And so maybe I just never listened to that talk or those voices that say that you’re just an ordinary guy. And there wasn’t anything real extraordinary about me in terms of physical nature or ability. And I understood that as well. But I think I also kind of understood that it’s basically the little Davids in life that take on the giants like Goliath. And so I, I did just kind of always have this feeling that I was meant for some type of greatness and I never really felt like that greatness would necessarily come sheerly from my efforts. I really felt like somewhere along the way, I had this just general understanding, this innate knowledge of God and I felt like that God, you know, would see me through. On those things. And so, I mean, that’s all just psychological though, you know? that’s just the full analysis on just how I was, you know? But see, the thing is people are listening and how many of us have felt that? And we know that there’s something special plan, but just like you said earlier, misery loves company sane and knows his feet, and he wants to bring as many people down as he can. And he wants us to quit. And he wants us to get discouraged. He wants us to have hope, no hope, and to be in despair. So for the listeners, for them to know inside that their son’s special, but then seeing tries to think now. It’s nothing special about you. Think about Alex. Think about like what Chad was saying, Alex first, Barth. You had a guy who, everybody even in the seals kind of made fun of, right? That I make fun of it. EMR time said, you don’t belong here, you’re no good. And yet the genetically superior monster, he’s the one that quits. And Alex is the one that makes it because he never stopped. So, yeah. Well, Chad, I appreciate you brother. If a listener wants to get ahold of you, questions to ask if they want to learn more, if they weren’t checking your book, what’s the best way to reach you? A couple of different sites. One is for like the corporate side, like non-faith based type speaking. It’s kind of a long one, but it’s memorable. It’s Navy seal, Chad williams.com so it’s just name my full name, Chad williams.com. And the other one is a faith based site. you know, for Christians, they get ahold of me maybe to speak at like a church or a, you know, some type of event along those lines. It’s seal of christ.com. and then of course I’m on Instagram is the same title of my book is my handle on their seal of God. Yeah. Any little social media platforms. we’ll point them in the right direction. Probably other places that you can find me on YouTube and Twitter and Facebook. Excellent. And we’ll put, again, we’ll put all of these in the showings in the show notes, the links you can connect on. The last thing is what’s your next big project? I remember talking to you about a crusade in may coming up. Tell us about that. Yeah, so the church that I go to, I go to the church, it’s called harvest, and. The pastor that was speaking that night, Greg Laurie, March 14, 2007 and the night that I heard that message about naming and heard the gospel and was radically changed, I’m a part of that church now. And one of the things that our church does is we put on these big crusades very similar to. I like the Billy Graham style crusades that would happen at these stadiums. And so, I mean, we’ve got an 18 T stadium in Dallas, Texas, and literally packed that place out to the point where the fire Marshall said, we can’t take any more people. We’re talking like close to a hundred people. we’ve gone to stadiums all over the nation, even all over the world. We’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, all over. And so the next one that we got going on is coming up in Boise, Idaho. And so it’s going to be May 1st, second, and third. And so if anyone [02:00:00] lives in the area or has family, family, or friends that lives in the area, let them know there’s a big crusade come into town. And so I’m, I’m, I’ve been pretty involved in, helping out with that and doing some of the, the early work on the ground. I was just out in Boise last week. it’s a totally free event. but it’s not free to put on. And so, we’ve been doing fundraising to help get that going. and just spreading the word on radio. I spoken to prison, and, in church out there as well. And so May 1st, second and third is going to be at an arena that was formerly known as the taco bell arena. I say that just because that’s what every person from boys remembers it as, as the taco bell arena. but now it’s called the extra mile. So at the extra mile arena, May 1st, second, and third, and you can find out a lot more about that. You can put a show link, harvest america.com. Awesome. We will do that, my friend. Well, Shannon, as always, it’s a pleasure. Next time you’re in town, let’s do dinner and watching fights, and you truly are a remarkable man of God. I’m thankful and proud and privileged near Frank. I’m blessed, man. Thank you so much. Likewise. And to all of you listening, we love you. Have a great day. Go do something with your life that you will not regret later. And, if you have any questions about Christ, you call us and we’ll, we’ll work you through it. Bye.

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